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NOW were learning!

More people need to be calling these fucking pieces of shit exactly what they are.

Its been a long time since every black was a nigger, and no whites were.

Pour vous

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Black people are niggers. Some white people (as shown above) are degenerates.

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Take that CivNat cuckoldry back to Reddit. All Africans are niggers, these "people" are what we call white trash.

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Wiggers. One step below trash.

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Niggers nigges everywhere and not a white in sight.

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Brought to you by a joint partnership between big pharma and the Poppy fields of the CIA.

Fear not, rehab is available for a few thousand shekels.

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Ayahuasca is much cheaper and more effective.

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They work overtime to normalize all drug use. There's no end to catchy little phrases people can thoughtlessly repeat to reinforce the idea that drugs are OK to use, and all the ways we can make it easier for more people to have drugs. Those people I'd like to see shot.

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All drugs should be legal. Change my mind.

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No one should choose to use recreational drugs, ever. Change my mind.

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When you make a claim you are the one who needs to provide proof.

A statement without proof can be denied without proof.

My personal opinion is mixed. Drugs/alcohol/tobacco effect every level and age of the population. Doesn't matter if you're rich/poor, addiction can hit anyone. If everything was legal and I had a billboard on my lawn "Buy drugs here" "All prices are lower than street value" I can't see it doing more good than harm. Of course you can mention Portugal but all the data we here is from the Government and we know how Government's only tell 100% truthful facts.

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Murder should be legal. Change my mind.

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You comment right there is actually one worth pondering further -

They work overtime to normalize all drug use.

I want to disagree, because they sure as shit take off after these pieces of shit. This trash ends up in and jail on a weekly basis. So that would say no theyre not normalising shit there... but

Then i remember something that the whole state of Victoria fought tooth and nail against for years and yet still happened....

Injecting house in Richmond near a school.

So bring back your comment again - Couple it with my observation - Bang -> Some places are finding ways of quietly not only normalising, but disposing of, exactly that which other places fight like fuck to get out of beautiful public parks like that and keep people safe.

For fucks sake when are we gonna go full MAGA on the drug war and flat out ban paramedic callouts to illegal drug overdoses, and fines for bringing anyone whos wigging out on some of that nastier shit anywhere near a public health facility.

Let the junkies die, people who otherwise hadnt tried the stuff otherwise see the results of 'fuck junkies' as a public legal stance and witness dead cunts everwhere and more people get turned off even thinking of trying it, junkies themselves kill themselves, and the dealers have no one left to deal to.

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It isn't about the junkies we already have; not really. It's about keeping anyone from becoming one.

The government run shooting gallery in Vancouver, Canada is one block away from Chinatown. Vancouver is over half Chinese. The government run shooting gallery has 4000 people a day use it. No Chinese.

The Chinese families raise their kids to put the family first and they wouldn't do that to them. It's pretty simple when you look at the differences. They didn't raise them with the inflated self esteem so they don't think they're the one and only superhuman that isn't going to become addicted to an addictive drug.

Those 4000 junkies using the gallery could be arrested and sentenced ti rehab, but there is no rehab. That's deliberate.

Some will relapse and you send them back. Some won't relapse. They're going to die eventually, you need to shame them for the sake of the next generation. In the meantime, you have to preserve the sanctity of life until they do. Ship them out of town. Make work camps for them or something, I don't care.

There's always going to be some useless morons on drugs. You keep it to a minimum and you don't reward them with sympathy. Cigarette smokers sure as hell don't get sympathy. Demonization works

There is a constant supply of collapsed junkies being rescusitated in the blocks surrounding the gallery, and all junkies do share needles at some point so the clinic propaganda is a fairy tale.

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As usual, "they" play all ends of the spectrum: Push the Doctors to prescribe, bring in the illegal substitute (fent), run the Rehab clinics, provide the attorneys with work and own the jails that are profit centers.

All while destroying America for fun and profit.

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Injecting house in Richmond near a school.

Why is this place not burned to the ground yet?

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You comment right there is actually one worth pondering further -

The problem is doctors prescribe this shit and fucking idiots do as they are told because of a mistaken belief in authority figures.

Theres this image macro I've seen that goes something along the lines of "if a man is born ignorant, raised ignorant.." etc, etc.

Make no mistake, people get hooked when they go in for regular surgery and the doctors give zero fucks about the lives the are ruining because they are making money hand over fist doing it.

The sackler family, the whole bunch of them, should have pill bottles shoved down their throats by the dozens, and then hung, every last one of them, by the neck until dead.

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Do you believe in Hell? @I_scream_trucks @MatGlow @Triple_Agent

Why does @maroonsaint make posts about torturing animals?

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Why does @maroonsaint make posts about torturing animals?

Because he is a piece of shit

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Yep. We are living it.

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Just a hobby

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It's everywhere in the area I live. Don't feel bad for them. They're talking to God right there. I'm not one of these people that deny average racial IQs or frontal lobe development. At the same time, an African American paralyzed midget with an 80 IQ working the cash register at Mcdonald's has far more worth to society than these able bodied white niggers. I consider all drug addicts sub human. I consider any too fat to walk sub human. I consider anyone that is an alcoholic to the point they can't take care of themselves or work sub human. I'm not judging functional alcoholics or people with beer guts. I'm just saying, once you hit that point of you can't work at all and you can't take care of yourself at all, you're a fucking drain on everyone else who does those things. I'm fucking fine with opening up the death showers for these people. I've had enough of their shit. I've put up with them long enough. Low income housing and apartments are basically mental asylums now filled with the drug addicted and insane. If you will not work then you should not have any government assistance. Give jobs, not handouts. And people LOVE to complain about cops. Guess what? 30 years ago these assholes would have had some night sticks taken to their ass. We need to start judging people by what they contribute. All the niggers of all colors will end up where they belong anyways if we do that. These people are a fucking disgrace to their race, religion, country, culture and neighborhood.

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I agree with every fucking word you wrote. If I had more votes to give you, I would.

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I've never seen the attraction to it. Putting needles in your arm for an opiate derivative has definitely deterred me away from that substance, but I've had my own vices in the past, so I can't say it's completely out of the realm of comprehension.

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How it works is that people start off taking Oxycodone orally or snorting it. Once they become dependent on it they figure out they can get a better more effective high if they shoot it. Heroin use typically occurs when the perception opioid is un available.

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Or they're given an opioid painkiller in a medical setting. I was given fentanyl a few years back when I was losing a baby. It was intense. I remember thinking "I wonder if it's like this every time?".

A Nurse spoke to me after and told me that no, it isn't and chasing that first high was futile and dangerous. It really helped having someone explain that to me. I was at rock bottom when someone gave me that.

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Heroin use actually begins once they realize they can spend a quarter of what they would on pills for many times more doses of high. They begin with snorting the heroin too until the high doesn't produce the same effects in which case they begin to bang it. All in all it's a money thing, it has nothing to do with supply.

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That's awful. Can't believe people discuss such things.

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It’s only gay if you’re not wearing a condom

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Well they probably witnessed antifa trying to get communism rolling in america and they just couldnt take it any more and said fuck it gimmie the H!!

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From what I've seen a lot of antifa are drug addicts.

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Cull the herd.

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