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OK, I see a couple of cars, a couple of people, some units seem to have air-conditioners (very few), no bicycles to be seen
(ok, maybe the person leaving the parking lot / basketball - soccer court is on one), but all in all very little indication that there
are very many people living there.
Reminds me of the apartment complexes the saudi's built for the bedouin that had no one / damn few people in them.
Wonder what's happened to them, haven't been back there in recently.
Maybe the palestinians could move into them.
Oh wait, the arab world doesn't give a damn about the palestinians. They're just handy cannon fodder.
Anyway, looked this place up and it's a province on the coast of China, north of Shanghai, west of South Korea.
I was going to try and find this place using the satellite view in googlemaps, but screw that, I'm not that bored.