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An awesome idea!! How can we get the chinks to invade the kikes?

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Israel will not exist by 2022 I merely wish to hasten this process.

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So why do you cowardly fucks want someone else getting revenge for 9/11 for you?

Is israel scary? Is it bigger than Afghanistan with higher mountains? Are there more cities or people than Iraq or Libya?

I’m serious... please explain the “someone else should do it/diversify israel” meme...

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Did anyone mention 911?


Are you confirming that your long nose tribe funded it?

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Listen - McGills and Israeli Subversion run Q


but China owns the Internet

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wait, what's wrong with being a @CheeseBoogerGhost alt?

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Israel have been propagandising against China for a long time. In subtle and insidious ways.

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Reminder that this OP is a spambot: https://voat.co/v/ProtectVoat/2656108 ......

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I'm conflicted on this.

On one hand the thought of chinks taking Israel off the map is lovely but you just know that Trump will answer the call of his masters and send millions of young white Americans to die to defend that den of pedophiles and thieves. Also, kikes are cowards and the moment war breaks out a lot of them will flee to Europe and the US making the contagion that much worse; It will be like popping a cyst then rubbing the puss all over every white person around the globe.