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Looks like an old CIA plane...

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the difference?

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Once they crash or offload cargo, they are no longer CIA asset.

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These are all over the Caribbean. Often, the drug traffickers would use old planes that didn't cost much in comparison to the tons of cocaine on board, they'd then land in an inconspicuous place (wherever planes weren't expected to land), which also made it difficult or impossible for the plane to take off again.

Here's an interesting article about it: https://m.warhistoryonline.com/featured/war-drugs-fighting-flying-pirates-caribbean.html

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I read that and can't help but think "if they just legalized the shit all this would probably stop" I'm not a "drug fag" but I am a "stop wasting money on drug war" fag, it's possible it would pick up in activity for a while but once the price starts to drop, that's it it's not worth it.

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I know an old drug smuggler off that very coast. I'm super serious about this. That is his plane. He died of cancer in 2008. He had at least 4 planes running since the early 90's. I wish I had schematics.

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That dude really was the king of his own empire. Relics and ruins of his domain are still scattered about the land and his influence still lingers in South America.

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That is someone who had to crash the plane in the water because they did not want to get prosecuted in the U.S. once Pablo Escobar was taken down. Escobar was considered the least radical but most important leader of FARC. He was essentially the Muslim Brotherhood of all the different factions. Once he was knocked out they lost their "unradical" source.

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great for scuba

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Something for the ladies maybe. XXXX


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Dove it. It is off of the Bahamas, Exuma or around there.

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