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'Camel Toe-ing' Brutal AND witty!

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The dualies resemble such. My SO needs to hurry her ass up and get over here already. I'm starting to see things.

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That hook on the back must be for hauling ass...

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Mater really tricked himself out.

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Damn, that's excellent!

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I was just watching Road Warrior 2. This is so cool :)

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waste of a good truck cab.

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Ew. I understand rat rods, but I don't like them much. bodywork is hard and/or expensive, that's why this is a thing, and why I hate it.

"it's supposed to be ugly"

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The worst is when they're built horribly on purpose....with deliberately sloppy welds, rust left in place, and shit like forks for accelerator pedals and soup cans for intakes....by people who have enough money and skill to not resort to that.

When has half-assing something ever been "cool?"

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