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Damn, that sounds like a cool project to take on. You may be able to pick up some tips from the channel I posted, that guy Leo knows his stuff for being young guy. Have you posted pictures of your boat on here yet?

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No. I thought about it. I have never had any social media or that kind of stuff so I honestly wouldn’t even know how to go about doing it. I’m computer retarded. I’d have to recruit one of the offspring. It is cool though. It’ll sleep 3, has 15 gallon fresh water w/sink. I even sprung $1200 for an “Airhead” composting toilet. All the wood is white oak, red meranti & teak. I own a slip on Lake St Clair in Mi. where I’ll keep it. Maybe when I launch her I take video & post it. I was trying to get it done as there’s an antique & classic boat show I wanted to enter next week but I’m not close. I still have to run all the electricity.

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Sucks you missed the show, but it sounds like your making steady progress on it. Defiantly post a video when u get her out in the water!