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If you like sailing and boats, this guy on YT is completely restoring a 100 year boat designed by Alfred Strange called the “Tally Ho” all by himself. Check it out, I watched 5 hours of it straight about 3 weeks ago I thought it as that good.


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I’ve been building a 20’ cruiser for the last year. I found the plans in a 1957 Popular mechanics. I’ve got 578 hours in so far & probably another 100/150 to go. If you’re into wood working I highly recommend building a boat. It’s an amazing journey. I bought all lumber rough & have ripped, cut, jointed & planed pretty much every single piece.


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Damn, that sounds like a cool project to take on. You may be able to pick up some tips from the channel I posted, that guy Leo knows his stuff for being young guy. Have you posted pictures of your boat on here yet?