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If you like sailing and boats, this guy on YT is completely restoring a 100 year boat designed by Alfred Strange called the “Tally Ho” all by himself. Check it out, I watched 5 hours of it straight about 3 weeks ago I thought it as that good. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg-_lYeV8hBnDSay7nmphUA

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I’ve been building a 20’ cruiser for the last year. I found the plans in a 1957 Popular mechanics. I’ve got 578 hours in so far & probably another 100/150 to go. If you’re into wood working I highly recommend building a boat. It’s an amazing journey. I bought all lumber rough & have ripped, cut, jointed & planed pretty much every single piece.

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Damn, that sounds like a cool project to take on. You may be able to pick up some tips from the channel I posted, that guy Leo knows his stuff for being young guy. Have you posted pictures of your boat on here yet?

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Ooo nice. I used to go sailing a lot when I was younger and always like pictures like this.

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Is Breiðafjörður a place or are you having a stroke?

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It's in Iceland.

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I fish off tiny little sea side villages and always see day cruisers moored up and left to shit, I know nothing about maritime laws licenses and sea certs but if the owner don't want it I'll buy it off him but fuck knows where I'll moor it and fix it up.

I can do the fixing up no problem but don't think my wife would appreciate a 17 footer on our balcony, these are all fiber glass hulled boats gone to shit. For the right price I could haul one out and fix it up dock side myself. Dunno I'm just full of shit, but my balls itch for the sea.

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Did you catch any Muslims trying to swim to shore in your morning catch?

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I'm sorry but that's just not a language.