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except he cant write and they cant read

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Um sweetie... He can write essays you racist MATZABALL

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Um moron,,,,, MOST of the illegals coming here are illiterate in Spanish. You stupid son of a bitch.

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Vote for Pedro!

...to be deported!

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I really thought that said pedo. Took me a few seconds to realize it was pedro.

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Ive worked with some pedros.. let me tell you something as a white guy who can put in a good days work i have never hired another white guy worth a shit... now there are some but they cost so fucking much it aint worth it.. talking about carpenters etc.. . They want to bill by the job or want 25 dollars an hour.. now being in texas if i hired one guy for 25 dollars an hour i would never get a job because my price would be double the other local guy...

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we need less people.

After 1/3 of Europe die to the plague. Wages and living conditions went up it was grate time.

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I agree 1000 percent.. the scary part is that goverments and people in power have been thinking the same thing yet at the same time the top 1 percent are richer and more powerfull then any group of people in the history of time and alot of that is due to captalism, global trade and ever growing population growth which captalizm needs to keep the ever growing ponzi scheme afloat... big drop in economy and or people coming up soon. I dont see another option outside of something fantasticle like Ai being born or aliens.

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Its still amazing to me how many artists there are out there now recreating the style of 20 year old A. Whytt Man comics.

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Watch Isaac Arthur's latest (sci-do) YouTube video on Parasitic Aliens. It opened my eyes. Isaac never considered it, but his sci-do views will change the course of our immigration policy.

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Mexican here, sorry to break it to you, but they aren't telling people how good it is here. That ship sailed a long time ago. Living here is not worth the effort of leaving family, friends, and home anymore. It's pretty much the same to stay and help the family while you work locally. Sure, you're not making as much as you would in the US, but the cost of living is lower in Mexico. I'd rather be working with shit wages and be close to family, than be in a place where the cost of living is increasing and unable to go back home to sew and help your family.

Fortunately for me, I'm a US citizen and so is my family. They live close by and so I visit them often. We Mexicans need that shit.

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When I get the police called on me for walking across campus I'm paying for you better fucking believe this asshole doesn't go unreported

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As what? Racist towards Mexicans?

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I looked 'suspicious'. Some bitch looked out the window and called the police because she was afraid to leave the building. I didn't look half as scary as I do now either- just a typical college kid.

After I've had the cops called on me I call them whenever I get the chance. Better you call them first before some asshole finds a reason to get them after you.