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How come the Maori are so much cooler (and not freakish looking) than the Australian abos? From what I've seen the Maori fit into society pretty well and their Hakas are awesome. Why are Aussie Abos so different?


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What's with this shitty appeal to curry races? They have a slightly higher IQ than Abos, hence when Abos are like walking cavemen in comparison. You asked why Maori are kind of like white people? It's because they have an IQ inbetween Abos and whites.

Don't let their high testosterone and impulsivity seduce you. Whites too had such testosterone before the influence of xenoestrogens. Your grandfather was at least 2x the man you are, literally.


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Having lived in both countries for a good period of time I can give you the hearsay I know of. The first difference between the two countries is the size and number of 'tribes'. Before white man it is strongly evidenced that Australia had over 30,000 tribes and 30,000 different 'languages'. They were all separate from each other, so the tribes did not share true identity with one another since their ooga boogas and whistles meant completely different things. The Maori had many different tribes but all shared the same language and were able to come together as one (they had always fought each other previously) when they figured out the white man did not care for them. Over 20k Maori died from English rifles in the first years of settlement.

Another great aspect is that the Australian Abos and the Maori don't share a common ancestry. Australians have a mix of Neanderthal/Asian/European (this is from genetic testing and the %s are very discretionary). They have been in Australia as long as 50,000 years. The Maori are distinctly Polynesian and arrived 720-770 years ago.

The lay of the land is very different between the two countries and the New Zealand hills and mountains greatly favored the Maori in their fights. They would create fighting outposts in these areas and later adopted Guerrilla warfare and sabotage. Since they began to fight as one against the white man they were much better than their Australian counterparts. The Australian Aboriginals could be dealt with tribe by tribe which made it much easier to deal with for the white man.

Put all of this together and I can give you two scenarios. The first is you and your group see some living areas (think of 100 acre farms) in the distance. You observe and find that all of these farms are separate from each other and do not get along. The defenses are minimal on most and their only attack is with spears and blow darts. Some have climbed up in trees but after a comrade is hit you are able to shoot your rifles/muskets until that threat is subdued. You take over one farm and move on to the next. The next has similar defenses but never does one farm assist another farm. The second scenario is you and your group land and easily take over the large low lying flatlands to grow crops. The enemy is disorganized, weak and fight against each other with the weapons you give them. Then the enemy (maybe 50 farms if we compared to the 30,000 Aussie farms) group together and learn new tactics. Fighting as one they learn that the White Man does not want to enter the hills/mountains and is unable to protect all farmland and can easily raid/rob/destroy individual farms.

If we want to talk about today New Zealand does not have any of that 'big city' 'let's all be equal' 'sjw' bullshit perpetuating around every corner. The major cities (governments - primarily Sydney) have adopted this mindset. The Federal government implemented 'Sorry Day' to apologize for the treatment of Australian Abos in regards to how the first White Man treated them. You know how when enemies finally think about it and learn fighting does not help either one and maybe working together would be best? The Kiwis figured that out and the Australians are unable too.