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Long nose tribe says six people killed in holobunga. Six is a lot. How does fire burn 6 people?

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Grug not convinced.

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Long nose tribe says green leaves good as currency in trading. Grug confused. How leaves worth same as mammoth meat?

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"Grug wonders how all chiefs got to be Long Nose. Why not chiefs from Grug's clan anymore?"

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Grug not think tar pits big enough for that many long nose tribe bodies. Make Grug think...

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"Grug wonders why Long Nose Clan keeps talking about tar pits. All Grugs family dead too."

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Grug feel free in nature. Then Grug find out all nature owned by just a few long nose families... Grug not understand.

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Ain't it funny how the (((English))) Jews did this to the Maori (New Zealand abos). Rather than moving in and living in harmony they claimed the land was theirs and lined up the English soldiers to fight the Maori.

I am not giving any opinion, just stating a fact.

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How come the Maori are so much cooler (and not freakish looking) than the Australian abos? From what I've seen the Maori fit into society pretty well and their Hakas are awesome. Why are Aussie Abos so different?

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"Grug not laugh when Long Nose throws poo. Grug thinks it disgusting. Don't touch your poo. Don't show Grug where poo comes from. Grug wish you go away."

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