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The guy in the white suit and mask, his face says it all.

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I'm responsible for over 1 millions rapes and 10 of thousands deaths. He had his chance, decided to NOT sink the boat. These boats need to be sunk immediately.

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Sinking boats isn't even necessary, just don't give them a place to land. Send the message that there is nothing for them in Italy and they will stop showing up.

Isn't the new Italian prime minister supposed to stop this?

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He's protected, but everyone on land gets their diseases.

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yeah that hes fucking rascist for not wanting to accept the diverse amounts of diseases carried by those artists, mechanics, cake bakers, cab drivers, and band members and your also rascist for not seeing that

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suit probably isn't even rated for the diseases they can carry, because for one his eyes aren't covered, they probably thought a full protection NCBR suit would look too scary and invoke thoughts of a zombie apocalypses.


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Think of all of the women and children though.. you know, the ones they left behind.

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its like opening a cage of rats inside your house

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Came for the bitches, and will stay for the pension.

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Hazmat suit? good idea if you have to be in that animal pen

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Bad idea to not have a full face mask in that animal pen.

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Hey, that’s Lauren Simonsens boyfriend!

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Not sure, Salvini put an end to using Italy as a docking port.

Found the source, turns out Italy is deporting these people, and the fucking catholic church is going to take them in instead. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/08/26/italy-catholic-leaders-reject-politics-at-migrants-expense.html

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I heard a rumor they're putting him under investigation for blocking the boats he did.

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Please help ... I was raised in California in good hands. my fiance is liberal and I thought I could change him. I tried hard with lots of voat posts and other red pills but hes acting so far gone... I dont know how to help anymore... and at this point i dont think i can marry him. I'm scared...

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Marry him? OMG!

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Not sure this belongs in a comment below an otherwise unrelaated picture

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Wear a strap-on and put a pussy-hat on it and I bet you will win that soy-faggot back faster than an illegal can shit on the sidewalk in Ban Fransisco.

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My two favorite things are commitment and changing my ways.

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