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No, they just know Hispanics will want a racial caste system which would put them at the bottom. They are against illegal immigration because they want full integration with white society and to bring whites down to their level.

Once they know more illegal immigrants will accomplish that and it means more free goods they will be the most fervent supporters of the illegal immigrant bandwagon. Maybe 10% of the black population that is hard working will be opposed to it.

We need to make friends with these people to say the least. Its like blacks not quite understanding why they support the Democratic Party, but when they realize the mainstream Democratic Party will not supply them with their welfare state utopia they will jump on the Michael Moore-Bernie Sanders wagon and go hardcore socialists.

Politics is not the game where since you support this belief means you will be pushed in the direction of another spectrum of political belief, but rather that there are complex mechanisms, meanings, and reasons attached to why certain people support what they do and eventually those underlying conditions could lead to later swings and opposition against what a group of people might support at one time but not later onwards.

Politics is a game that can be very much about self-interest. That is how Trump is trying to unite the country. Its working to a certain extent, but its mostly superficial and won't last for long.