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I can work with black people who know their proper place and are GRATEFUL to be in the US today, as opposed to being STILL in Africa, sitting in a ditch, with flies all over their faces. Just not parasitic/predatory ungrateful niggers. Unfortunately I suspect there are NO good niggers, I'm simply not absolutely sure. Do ANY black people know the TRUTH about how they became slaves? and regardless, how FORTUNATE they are now BECAUSE of that slavery?


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Unfortunately I suspect there are NO good niggers

You're mostly right. As with most things in life, there are exceptions- I met some good black men in the military that would've died for me. There are some good black police officers.

But behind every good black man, is a White man's teachings and mentoring. Blacks only turn out "good" when they are trying to emulate Whites. I can deal with those kinds, I'll happily tolerate a respectable negro who dresses well, speaks well, is hard-working, and knows his trade. That's how most of the blacks I met in the military were. Don't have much of an issue with them.


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Yeah it's that. Something underneath, that you can't see, and cannot depend on 100%. Like having a wolf as a pet. Or a woman as a wife. I AM willing to tolerate a black person who tries to emulate a human, just NOT living with me in my house. THEY exist I imagine, they will NEVER be my equal though, and they must KNOW that, and know WHY, and know it's CORRECT. Separate is okay with me, unless they jump around like monkeys in public, or start trying to impose their monkey culture on ANY white person, or try to MATE with ANY white person or start blaming me for their inferiority.