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No, they're just niggers complaining that the beaners are invading their perpetual victim hood turf.

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Cutting in on their gibs & that may lead to less for them? Reasonable argument.

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The inclusion of the black lives matter type statement makes one thing clear, only black lives matter to them. Fuck the beaners, fuck whitey, hell blacks even openly hate and assault gays with impunity. They aren't exactly on our side.

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when you spin the message that way, they will never vote democrat again

to the 4chanmobile!

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Beaners also cant be white guilted into handing out gibs to niggers. More beaner voters is bad news for lazy chimps

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Niggers are NOT on our side! they are always for them. never forget that.

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Tbh that’s normal

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Good work!

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No, they're wimminz. Gibs>logic.

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Less welfare for illegals is more for them. Gibs and logic.

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They are just angry they have competition for the free handouts.

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Consider the logic of it: they see it as them having been the only ones who were first, and now there are two and they are last. The real ones who are last are straight white males.

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Only took 10 years for them to figure it out

[–] Inquisitioner 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

Are sheboons starting to wake up?

Niggers are trying to get more gibs, they're already "awake" in the sense that they are doing what is best for their race. It is those who do not care for their racial well-being who are asleep.

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I'm gonna be honest, broski. I'd rather give my taxes to americans rather than mexicans.

I mean, you arn't wrong, and it would be best if we got rid of the whole system all together, but if I had to choose in the system we have, americans, white-yellow-black, over invaders.

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You underestimate how dumb the average nigger is.

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No, they just know Hispanics will want a racial caste system which would put them at the bottom. They are against illegal immigration because they want full integration with white society and to bring whites down to their level.

Once they know more illegal immigrants will accomplish that and it means more free goods they will be the most fervent supporters of the illegal immigrant bandwagon. Maybe 10% of the black population that is hard working will be opposed to it.

We need to make friends with these people to say the least. Its like blacks not quite understanding why they support the Democratic Party, but when they realize the mainstream Democratic Party will not supply them with their welfare state utopia they will jump on the Michael Moore-Bernie Sanders wagon and go hardcore socialists.

Politics is not the game where since you support this belief means you will be pushed in the direction of another spectrum of political belief, but rather that there are complex mechanisms, meanings, and reasons attached to why certain people support what they do and eventually those underlying conditions could lead to later swings and opposition against what a group of people might support at one time but not later onwards.

Politics is a game that can be very much about self-interest. That is how Trump is trying to unite the country. Its working to a certain extent, but its mostly superficial and won't last for long.

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I can work with black people who know their proper place and are GRATEFUL to be in the US today, as opposed to being STILL in Africa, sitting in a ditch, with flies all over their faces. Just not parasitic/predatory ungrateful niggers. Unfortunately I suspect there are NO good niggers, I'm simply not absolutely sure. Do ANY black people know the TRUTH about how they became slaves? and regardless, how FORTUNATE they are now BECAUSE of that slavery?

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Unfortunately I suspect there are NO good niggers

You're mostly right. As with most things in life, there are exceptions- I met some good black men in the military that would've died for me. There are some good black police officers.

But behind every good black man, is a White man's teachings and mentoring. Blacks only turn out "good" when they are trying to emulate Whites. I can deal with those kinds, I'll happily tolerate a respectable negro who dresses well, speaks well, is hard-working, and knows his trade. That's how most of the blacks I met in the military were. Don't have much of an issue with them.

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Yeah it's that. Something underneath, that you can't see, and cannot depend on 100%. Like having a wolf as a pet. Or a woman as a wife. I AM willing to tolerate a black person who tries to emulate a human, just NOT living with me in my house. THEY exist I imagine, they will NEVER be my equal though, and they must KNOW that, and know WHY, and know it's CORRECT. Separate is okay with me, unless they jump around like monkeys in public, or start trying to impose their monkey culture on ANY white person, or try to MATE with ANY white person or start blaming me for their inferiority.

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