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People have mocked him with that tons of times. He once yelled “I never should have written that fucking song!” Yeah no shit, look what glorifying trannies has done for us.

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I always just figured he wrote it about himself, since Aerosmith has always embodied that whole "Too degenerate to really even blame it on rock and roll" vibe. Like don't get me wrong, Motley Crue were disgusting cross-dressing filth but at least they were still somehow badasses while doing it. Not so with Aerosmith.

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You’re talking about Steven. Joe Perry has always had relatively steady relationships and since about 1980 he’s been married to one woman and brags about her all the time, has her picture on his guitars. He loves shooting guns, the simple things in life, and is conservative. He’s also one of the greatest riffers of all time.

I realize how degenerate Steven is. The rest of the band does too. They constantly fight and sic lawyers on each other. But they don’t deserve to all be smeared with Steven’s brush. Joe really does seem like a good guy, at least after he cleaned up. Tom, Brad and Joey seem to be down to earth, normal guys too.