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"In 1975, Steven Tyler convinced the parents of groupie Julia Holcomb (Holcolm) to sign over guardianship to him so that she could live with him in Boston."

Steven Tyler is a massive piece of shit. Julia Holcomb tells the story of just how horrible he is here:


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Janie's Got a Gun has a whole new meaning now

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So he was just a typical shitlib?

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He’s actually supposed to be conservative, like most/all of his band mates. The problem is he’s also very selfish and has been involved in some very shady shit in the past and also presently.

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He looks like a tranny

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I agree with you. That dude looks like a lady.

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People have mocked him with that tons of times. He once yelled “I never should have written that fucking song!” Yeah no shit, look what glorifying trannies has done for us.

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Theyre all trannies!

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They are. He has the masculine square jaw but also soft feminine features, wide hips and a soft voice that suggests he had estrogen flowing through his body when his voicebox developed. Definite tranny

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That's what I thought too. I think he used to be a woman.

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Who cares... look at that fucking guy, he's a total fucking degenerate fag.

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Holy shit he's got that fukkin' Illuminati Eye of Horus on his arm!

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There's a reason why you're popular in the Jewish owned entertainment biz. And it really doesn't have much to do with having any talent in what you're performing in.

It's how much talent you provide in the back-room for the Jew.

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Clive Davis gave them a big recording contract very quickly when they arrived in New York, which is unusual. And in their autobiography they talk about how they were just partying the whole fucking time they were there.

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I am truly glad that Donald Trump is my President. I also really like Aerosmith and their music.

That said, I think Steven Tyler has every right to put an embargo on Trump playing his music. If I were a musician of any value, and Hillary was using my songs to fire up her base, I'd want to be able to tell that cunt to cease and desist (and have it stick) too.

To me, this barely makes my list of shit that should be considered newsworthy.

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Aerosmith hasn't made any good music since they stopped doing drugs.

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Aerosmith hasn't made any good music ever.

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I’m an Aerosmith fan too (mostly because of Joe Perry and the rest of the guys at this point) but Steven has some shady shit going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump is trolling him on purpose just like he does the Stones, who seem to be satanic in their own right.

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Given that a good half of his songs reference incest and the other half have his daughter scantily clad and dancing in the videos, I think it's fair to proclaim that he's propbably fucked Liv a few times.

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Stephen Tyler likely fucks his own daughter and is in no position to be anyone's moral arbiter.

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I have yet to see any physical evidence that she is his kid.

Remember, she thought Mick Jagger was her grandfather and Todd Rundgren was her father.

She looks nothing like steve. She looks like Todd.

I bet steve is gay and her mom was banging lots of guys and even she didn’t know the father.

All the magazines say she looks just like Steve. Which is objectively bullshit.

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Tyler was on Joe Rogan recently. He only had to speak a few sentences before I determined he is not a smart man. He comes across as a person that probably had an IQ of 100 in his youth and then destroyed his brain with hard living.

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Yeah, Joe Perry is the only reason the band was ever successful and Steven pretty much admits it in the bands autobiography. Says he was always insecure as hell about it and tried to overcompensate to be the “front man.”

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