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I had a dream yesterday that a girl i've idolized since I met her in elementary school, kissed me. I've held her in such high esteem, that i've never (even considered) had a sexual fantasy (eg masturbation) about her. Sometimes life is heartbreaking and you have no idea WHY. I STILL don't know why I had that dream. Probably haven't thought about her in over a decade! Why such a dream out of nowhere? Who produces my dreams? Sometimes I don't think it is me. Since I can get SURPRISED (like watching a movie i've never seen). Sometimes the dreams use a perspective which is only a superficial (outsiders) treatment of who I am and what I like, which, in truth, I really am not all that into (eg motorcycles). VERY seldom do I have a GOOD dream, that I wake up from with a pleasant feeling/memory about it. Sometimes my dreams are downright hostile/hateful towards me. A couple times I've DIED in a dream (awakened at that moment dangit).