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"The world is a fucked up place Grandpa. You let the wrong people win WWII. It's the Jews. They've fucked us over, yet again."

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It was, has always been, and will always be the Jews. Unless someone invents a way to eradicate the kikeroach.

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Kikeroach, I like it. Have an upvoat!

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Only one way to remove a roach of any kind, fumigation.

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Which grandpa? some tried their best not to lose...

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No, it's not Grandpa's fault. Fighting in WWII, his kids were from 1935-1950 (five years before and after war). That generation endured the Depression, and was made tough. The faggots that were born to his kids, are the ones in power now (1955-1970). Those fucks had the degenerate trannies, faggots, and cucks of today; those born 1975-1990.

Sure, Grandpa should have held a stronger hand to the subsequent generations, maybe that would have worked. But it's not directly his fault.

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Imagine thinking that this is "normal" :-|

I moved away from a metropolitan area so my kids can go to a school without having this crap force fed to them. I'll miss Trader Joes, but not Joes trading places with Janes.

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I think about this more every day. Now that my kids are almost school-age, I'm debating moving to Wyoming or Montana. It's fucking exhausting trying to protect the kids from violent niggers and jewish propaganda. Blacks and interracial couples on nearly every advertisement, ghetto niggers cursing and destroying shit at the grocery store and mall, softcore porn everywhere...

I can't even find a decent toddler show without a "diverse" cast.

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Television is harmful for kids, just give them books. Ron Paul has a curriculum for about $250. Anything with high fructose corn syrup dumbs diwn kids. The smarter they are the more they'll notice.

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We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children

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Stand your ground or else no land will be left for you.

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You should still assume the schools are contaminated. Make sure you know what your kids are learning, and that they are capable of critical thinking.

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Oh, believe me, I am a very 'active' parent. They must think I am very into education, and I am... as long as it is the right education.

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That's very wise of you. I fear this type of degeneracy is going to get worse before it gets better.

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I'll miss Trader Joes, but not Joes trading places with Janes.


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I feel sorry for that kid

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I can't even imagine what all those hormones are doing to it.

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Next hulk maybe?

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Not as bad as the shit they will inject it with once it becomes born.

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That was the first.. well, one of the first things after the initial "WTF" that I thought of.

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Woman taking testosterone can stop and regain fertility. They then stop until after birth.

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Especially since they’ll probably abuse the shit out of it.

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you'd think the wife would help the pregnant husband carry the groceries. what the fuck did i just write...

Excuse me, waitress. yes may i please have a different timeline? this one doesn't agree with me, thank you.

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What an absolutely magnificent advertisement for Trader Joe's. As of now, any rational human being who patronizes that shithole should be shot.

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I'm from the South so I have no idea what Trader Joe's is, but if this is their level of clientele I'd avoid it like the plague regardless.

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It’s where hipsters, dilettantes, snobs, douchebags, faggots, trannies and every description of libtard shitheads shop for monumentally overpriced allegedly “natural” shit food products. Their parking lots are almost always filled with late model luxury cars. It’s probably where the Antifa faggoterrorists get their coffee.

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It split form Aldis back in the day, they don't make you box your own groceries though.

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Literally no chance for that kid to have a normal life. Brainwashed with propaganda and delusional theories from birth.

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The unborn child didn't consent to the hormone therapy but it will be a curiosity for medical science.

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What does it take to grow that kind of facial hair? What kind of an effect would that have on an unborn?

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If it's a boy hopefully it's hyper masculine.

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It's pretty easy.

They're insane.

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