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But, but my participation trophy!

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This picture is offensive to leftists.

Egalitarianism means everybody should get the trophy because it would hurt the feelings of those who do not get the trophy.

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That isn't what true egalitarianism means. It means everyone get an equal opportunity. You make of it what you will

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How certain are you that it's not crudely drawn Simpsons porn? What we have here, folks, is a text-book case of projection.

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This is a very nice image, actually.

When people comment on the music tracks that I share, they often say things about how it's absolutely flawless and so close to the original that they would have guessed I have Slash chained up in my basement. My usual response is that they're listening to the result of countless hours of learning, practice, and rehearsal. What they're not hearing is all the times I had to re-do the recording and all the mistakes that I made that never make it out of the studio.

I'm nothing special. I just put in countless hours and don't generally keep, edit, and upload my major mistakes.

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don't a lot of old people regret working too hard

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Let me put it this way: I do not regret at all any of the times I played hookey from work when I was younger. In the end, the most truly precious of your possessions are probably your memories of the things that you did together with people who aren't even with us anymore.

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do people really like other people that much or is it a scam where people try to win the pretend 'i'm a social person' competition

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I think many do and agree with them that throwing your life away to nothing but work is a shame. What I get out of this cartoon is that all the things that discourage people from succeeding are the same things that get them where they want to be in the first place.

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Are you REEEEALY advocating for meritocracy? YOU FASCIST! /s


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Also: Genetics

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Is this some kind of threat? Everything is determined so there is no need to threaten people with hard work.