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"Where women vote"

Trick statement. They shouldn't.

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Wow that's amazing, my grandpa had every magazine from the early 50's when he first started collecting right up until 2001 when he died. My grandma then gave the entire collection (spanned a 20 ft wide wall in their basement) away to the fuckin' post man... We still haven't' forgiven her for that one...

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That sucks. My uncle threw away family photos and 8mm film when my grandpa died. Really pissed me and my father off

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My wife's family pitched the scroll of the family tree when her grandfather passed.

They were Australian and it went back to 1600's. Being that I am American Indian ours goes to 1890 and we can't go any further.

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That's a real douchebag move on the part of your asshole uncle! You should kick his ass.

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Maybe that postman had been delivering those magazines for the past 25 years and your gramps and he used to talk about the cover stories from time to time.

Did Grandma ever explain why?

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Cool bot

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I saw @derram actually break character once and reply to a post. I used to think it was a bot too.

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Already pushing propaganda, "where women vote."

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Note that in 1910, in most countries, most men weren't allowed to vote either.

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Yea, but those weren't real men.

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The article may have presciently predicted that they're all places which would soon be all fucked up and shitty.

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That made my day.

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Can you scan in the contents?

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Not that easily. The back is hardend so I can't fully turn the pages without tearing it. I took some more pictures of the inside but they came out shitty. Trying to host on imggoat. Not sure if this works.

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On one hand, it would be super cool to just disassemble the whole old magazine and scan it in properly just to preserve the contents... but on the other hand, keeping the thing intact for sentimental and also historical reasons is also completely understandable and even admirable.

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Nice attempt.

I instantly smelled old paper smell in my mind when I saw the pages.

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They sold them on cd and later DVD in the late 90s to early 2000's.

You can pick up a set for less than 50$ which had all of them scanned.

Highly worth it.

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I want to read "where women vote"

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So are we going to see the articles? I want to see he "primitive gyroscope" in Liberia.

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I'll see what I can do. It is difficult because the back is hardend

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