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...and a complete bitch

"The woman in the photograph remarried after selling/giving away her five children, and had four more daughters. When her other children eventually came to see her, she’s described as completely lacking love for her estranged children, or having any regret for letting them go."


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In other words she followed exactly the best female survival strategy, and sounds like she won big.

At the end of the day, this woman's evolutionary score is +9 children who carry her genes. If she hadn't been so lucky, and lost the first five kids, she'd still have 4 points on the evolutionary scoreboard.

It ain't pretty but this behavior is what wins the Nature game.


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This only really holds in the very short term, though. If a population consists of members who act in a way as to kill off the population in a few generations, it doesn't really matter what their short-term evolutionary score is becuase the long-term score is 0.

"Men who plant trees" and all that.


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Men build civilization while women destroy it. These days the women are winning.


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There's a good chance she was sold as well. She could be doing what she was taught.

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You're one insufferable cunt!