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she looks fat

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...and a complete bitch

"The woman in the photograph remarried after selling/giving away her five children, and had four more daughters. When her other children eventually came to see her, she’s described as completely lacking love for her estranged children, or having any regret for letting them go."

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In other words she followed exactly the best female survival strategy, and sounds like she won big.

At the end of the day, this woman's evolutionary score is +9 children who carry her genes. If she hadn't been so lucky, and lost the first five kids, she'd still have 4 points on the evolutionary scoreboard.

It ain't pretty but this behavior is what wins the Nature game.

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Pregnant, which in this case is worse.

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She's not hiding from shame.

She's hiding from accountability.

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People forget this. There have been generatons of white people that barely survived. If they think immigrants have it bad now they should see what the Italians and Irish went through when they first came to this country.

Read The Jungle and find out how Eastern Europeans lived when they worked at the stockyards in Chicago. Many of them slept in the same stalls as the animals.

There are still people struggling. Go to Appalachia and small towns around the US. Lefties think white people are all like them, lounging in Starbucks all day and playing on their phones.

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Yeah, I think they could have had money for a few more months if mom didn't eat so much.

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Natsoc Germans didn't have to sell their kids...

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People like this will always exist. I don't want the government trying to fix an unfixable problem. The solution is for her to not have 5 kids she can't afford and then have 4 more kids she can't afford. I don't trust the government with the power of forcibly sterilizing the population, because incomprehensible evil does and will always exist and it will inevitably try and seek out power and abuse it and people will waste their time trying to figure out why because they don't believe evil exists and blaming all the sons of Adam for the sins of Kane is not going to help.

There's nothing to fix here. Sometimes you have to let the pieces fall as they will. People will figure it out.

Natsoc Germans lost millions and many got raped and starved to death, way worse than this. Some probably sold their kids for a bar of chocolate too.

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"Natsoc Germans lost millions and many got raped and starved to death, way worse than this"

Well of course, the communist homosexuals had to punish the germans for depriving the rothschilds of their profits and looking out for their own. That doesnt change the fact that natsoc germans enjoyed a standard of living (until we had to destroy it, of course)that the communist homos in america and russia could only dream of.

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That one girl was "kidnapped and raped by strangers went to live at a home for pregnant girls." Her brother went to a mental hospital. BS- A farmer bought her for $2 and kept her for a preteen sex slave.

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pretty sure this is during the dirty 30s, not the roaring 40s

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*roaring 20s. Roaring 40s is a strong westerly wind, apparently. The things you learn.

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Yeah I knew I felt off when I typed that. Oh well haha. 40s kinda killed the depression tho. Thanks for the war Hitler.

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I was thinking the same thing.

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Maybe this is why all the kid fuckers on the left want socialism.

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It is but like always they keep forgetting they wont be anywhere near at the top meaning they will be the once selling their own ass. They will be lucky to not be useful idioted.

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