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"Oh, we're sooo terribly sorry for reminding you about what happens if you piss us off, maybe you should mind your own business just in case..."

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Confucius say: Man who fuck with Arabs, get terrible goat rash on his penis.

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Are you a doctor?

You sound like a doctor..., are you a doctor...? If perhaps you are a doctor....., and, asking for a friend....not me.

How, or what is the remedy for Arab inflicted goat rash penis?....the itch the terrible itch...

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Two slices of ham rubbed vigorously on penis. One must shout deus vult if satisfaction is acheived.

I'm not a doctor, but I banged a nurse and stole her license, at a Holiday Inn Express mind you, so it's totally valid.

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No. Mudslime get rash on his own.

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As a fellow canadian : Apology NOT accepted.

Go fuck yourselves.

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lol yeah... I think Trudeau is far more of a threat and so are the millions of Islamists you let in the front door..

What the fuck happened to you Canucks in the last 20 years?

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Let's just send Trudeau to Arab for them to behead.

That's like win-win for both Canadian and Arabs.

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Eastern Canada imports all it's oil from Saudi Arabia and the liberal politician John Turner owns the shipping lines that bring the oil.

Canada has more than enough oil for all of Canada and to sell to the US but the East, where all the population is can't have any.

Soros Tides Foundation paid protesters to "block" the building of a pipeline for the oil. Justina and her coven could have put a stop to the protesters at any time. They waited it out and then said that buying and nationalizing the pipeline was their only option. Fucking liars. It was total collusion. They overpaid for it and it won't be usable for at least another year.

Pierre Trudeau decided that the government should get into the oil business with PetroCan. Refineries and gas stations across the country. Turne dut it was a just a way for the federal government to rob the oil producing province of Alberta of it's resources. Petrocan is private now because politicians don't understand business or economies,

Pierre the Asshole appointed Maurice strong as president of PetroCan. Strong is the center of the Canadian connection to the creepiest most delusional core of the globalization bullshit.

Maurice Strong invented global warming. It was him. Agenda 21 was his baby as was that ridiculous Rio Summit in 1992. His aunt was an advisor to Mao and Strong ended up living in China until he died.

Strong and the UN set up a school called the Peace University and used it as shell company to finance all kinds of secret shenanigans with North Korea that still haven't been teased out.

He was an absolute cult leader for the elite class, selling pseudo spiritual hocus pocus and telling them they were going to save mother earth and unite humanity by forcing them all into poverty. George Bush Jr was his buddy as well Obama. I don;t know about Bush Sr. The massive debts and wasted money by our governments are deliberate, as was the mortgage meltdown. The poverty plan is the cult plan.



If you just search his name you'll find all kinds of bizarre things about him and his influence.

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Soros tried to do the same thing to the keystone pipeline in the US. It almost worked, but we elected Trump and he saved the pipeline.

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Educated. Again.

Thank you

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That's a stupid saying

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Toronto, in case someone was wondering.

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I was there in 1989. Beautiful city. Beautiful people. Expensive cigarettes. Personally, I feel a somewhat stronger kinship to my northern neighbors than my European ancestors. Canadians have a great deal to be proud of, and should never bow to moral pressure brought by the world's worst people.

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We are all North Americans. A new breed of white men.

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It would be funny if the canadistans advocated for war over this on the premise that the leaders and their families be on the front infantry line.

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Wake me UP! before you go go and blowing up shit you shitskin homo

Wake me UP! before you go go blowing up shit tonight


....also, if you pay rent you likely pay rent to Saudi owned property.

.....and, if you think Saudies only own oil, take your head out of the sand..., good chance they own your home land

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