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Farther away, but it's like living in a snow globe down here in Yolo.

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This last week or so our sky has become more of that hazy blue instead of that creamsicle color. Right now, more white than anything... We had a little spot fire down the road.

You are a lot closer to those River/Ranch fires and from the weather maps it certainly does look like the wind loves shoving the smoke up the valley.

One thing I love about living in Shasta County is the near 360 degree view of beautiful mountain ranges...haven't seen them since Carr Fire started :( I miss seeing Shasta and Lassen when I'm in the valley.

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Just now, Cal Fire issued more evacuation orders for Lake and Mendocino Counties. Jebus. Everything is on fire. Side note: I love it up where you are too. Prolly gonna do a Cinder Cone hike after the smoke clears...