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The funny part is, she's asian so she's literally next on the chopping block when the NAM's come for her.

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non-Asian minority? you mean the Mexicans and Black DinduNuffins who looted, killed and burned and destroyed her peoples homes and business during the L.A riots and other real Americans Real Korean Americans who had to fight to stop a city burning to the ground? ...the crimes and murders barley getting a mention by the (((media))). She really is a dumb whore but funny part is the American middle class Oriental, the Asia, the Korean America...when shit really kicks off she is probably FIRST on the chopping block. /v/RaceWars ? ? Dumb bitch has her head full of worthless propaganda and is too young to remember the reality of the riots https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=8Dvwn4aXE8s ... S.Koreans unfortunately whatever place they are usually can not think for themselves. Many suffer a lot from this 'mime' kind of copy culture, they do have their own identity and language back home but a lot of what built Korea actually came from both China and then later Japan, the Koreans will not admit this but parroting and copying stupid shit in almost in their DNA, right now it is 'cool' for globalist media like Vice media run by a commiefornia degenerate Shane Smith and run by the islamic Paki Suroosh Alvi or (((media)) the JewYork times to Hate White Christian Americans...so naturally she just parrots their bullshit...it could be she is playing the long game and trying to infiltrate the media groups but I doubt it very much, she's just another dumb bitch. Officially the Corrupt LAPD Cops were told to pull out and abandon the city. The Horde of Negroids and Mexicans will also come for her kind https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=u9l_iIEl-_8 LA almost burns to the ground

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1:white men are bullshit

2: no one cares about women

jesus christ, look at ANY culture. ANY OF THEM. which ones actually care about women's rights?

Africa? they dont have the brains to care about anything and thus knock up women to leave them to riot while the father fucks off.

south america? same thing but slightly less.

middle east? they treat them like property, nothing more than wet objects to stick their dick in.

Asia? they force the women to take care of their kids, even making the bed and changing the cloths on a 17 year old male.

Europe? we were the first to give women the right to vote. we were the first to cater to their life as all they do is go to 2nd brunch and complain about the leafs in the street making a mess. we invented machines to make their life easier, the washing machine, the mass cooking range, we freed them and thus were the only stupid ones as now they rebel against us.

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after all these years a woman's mind is kind of a mystery to me, unless they make babies i think they are always going to be miserable people

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Letting them have rights has turned out to be a huge mistake.

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At least we only pee like dogs... we dont eat dogs

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This dyke is a lawyer? Spam her inbox sarah@sarahjeong.net

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Isn't blatant racism a disbarrable offence?

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Time to report her activities to the barr

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I am "Sarah" and I am gathering evidence of sexist harassment to use in an upcoming trial. Please assist by emailing your harassment to me at sarah@sarahjeong.net

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Are Jews white?

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could be?

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Found the kike lover.

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That's funny, a buggirl talking about white people being boring. The only excitement to come from Asia is either ancient or Japanese. Do they even use names in her home country? Or does the state still just throw you in a mass grave after working you to death?

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shes probably upset because asian men cant satisfy her

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She would be considered a 'jungle Asian' by the Chinese and Japanese and considered dirty and a lesser being. I shit you not.

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