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I guess context doesn't matter.

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Just checked the context and holy shit, literally the sentence before the quote starts is "Oh, crap, I've already decided to publish yours and my letters in my blog and my agency isn't going to like that lat line (last line) when they skim this for things that threaten our income stream, but maybe if I keep typing enough more words so that it's a little buried in the body instead of being the last thing in the letter, nobody will see it."

So he's basically saying he wants to type some more nonsense for the hell of it.

Here is the link, btw, since OP is a massive faggot who would rather post pretty pictures: http://archive.is/WnRam

Seems like he was on drugs while he wrote it.

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In Vino Veritas

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While I agree the context makes it humourous in the scenario of what is being written there's something to be said about this recurring theme.

Someone tells one joke about something, it's probably just a distasteful joke. But if it is a recurring theme in their humour and jokes the might be a little bit more to it.

Like if a guy jokes about killing people a couple times he's probably blowing off steam, but if he jokes about it for years there's a decent chance there's a bit more to it than jokes. Either it's an infatuation with the subject matter or he's actually doing it.

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Now is not the time for context, now is the time for reprisals. The left won't abandon hounding anyone on the right out of a career for even the slightest hint of wrongthink, now we have to take the fight to them. Reasoning with them has failed, now it is time to make it hurt.

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That's right, context didn't matter for the CEO of papa johns, and he was a 100x better guy.

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"but mom, the left does it, too"

Go fuck yourself, you commie faggot. Go back to reddit.

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18 kike accounts downvoated you so far

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I guess making cartoons of cutting children's faces off doesn't matter

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Can't see the whole statement, but that section about children seems like sarcasm. I guess we can be pissed off that he wrote it but I don't see it as proof of anything.

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Justin roland made those. Harmon is not credited at all. Why are you lying?

By all means go after roland, he is also a producer (or whatever) for rick and Morty. And stick to the facts about Harmon, like the baby doll video.

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ctrl+F the archive. If this is legitimately his, he's toast. He drops jew-bombs even more so, uses 'nigger' constantly and even appears to suggest he has schizophrenia, certainly reads like someone with serious mental health issues.

This is a funny one: "Liberty City will be divided into 5 neighborhoods: Jewberg, Darkville, Los Spicanos, Village of Faggots and Downtown."

Put a fork in him, he's DONE!

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He's also blatantly going to kill himself... which will then be put on us.

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I can live with that, can you?

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Insane. "For three days, I wanted to kill and eat everyone I met. If you've been near me during that time, know that I have done you a favor by not cracking your skull open and lapping at your raw brains. I wanted to. You're alive because I've taken a shine. But this morning, I woke up and everything was subtly different. I wasn't ravenously hungry. I didn't want to take a fire axe to any children."

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I think he's just trying to be an edgelord - isn't that what R&M are all about?

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The rest is pretty good

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Except for the left politically assassinating Obama lol. They coasted him to and in the primaries. Guy was groomed for the job since they stole him from his whore mother

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How many lives need to be under my control before I can live my own?

And how much thought-patrolling will liberals accomplish before the putty in the word "liberal" loses the last of its shape?

Now, we are all guilty, to various extents, of participation in the magic trick. When the misdirection is so sloppy and obvious, it's only one more lie to credit the wizard. And when we put our faith in abracadabra, it's not just power we surrender. It's responsibility. As a professional screenwriter, moreso than many, I can follow my money to an ocean of blood. And if I don't like it, I can be replaced, so I like it. If you want to know where I stand politically, don't listen to where I stand, look where I'm standing. In a nice apartment. Minding my own business. Bumper stickers aside, our behavior would seem to indicate that in America, we're unanimously opposed to our own discomfort.

But any stance, plus the slightest commitment, can be a revolution, and belief in comfort is a great place to start. If we truly begin to believe, not just say, that everyone has a right to say whatever they want, and if we express that belief not through words, but through thought and behavior- by minding our own business, understanding each other, helping people that ask for help and not helping people who don't- soon, there will only be one line dividing us instead of six hundred. The only line that really matters. The line between uncomfortable controllers and the uncontrollably comfortable. And guess who's going to win. In fact, win or lose, which side would you rather be on?

~Dan Harmon, November 22, 2007

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Some autist made this on half-chan or infinity.

There's more.


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Completely ignoring him being a pedo, this dude has some fucking problems.

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Why does everyone want to kill straight white people? Why do they want to murder us?

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