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/u/AdamWeishaupt is a part of a very large voat spamming ring that was mostly active during the Vegas shooting. They've become increasingly active the last few weeks and now have gone into full spam mode again, this time using the Hollywood pedo shit that has hit the news cycle among other things. These chat bots (for the most part) seem to be trying to harvest SCP/CCP mostly right now.

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Thank YOU for this info.

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You're looking like you're trying to become spammer of the week with that message. Shit mate take a breather would ya...

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I posted it once in every post these creatures make, it's important the community knows to downvoat and move on, it's the only way everybody got them to stop last year. Voat has no real protections against this shit so it falls to those that care. Yeah I understand it can be annoying but we got this very group to fuck off for 10 months and now they're back. I suspect a few more days of this shit and they'll fuck off again.

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It may not be the nuclear fire they deserve but it still warms my cold heart seeing Israel burn.

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As long as there is hope.

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