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Harvard students need to learn to read.

Pedogate's political scandal quality explicitly exempts it from the stated legal definition of "obscene," which the dumbfuck copypasted herself.

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Voat commenters also need to learn to read the document to which the whole article refers, your point is nullified on account of your deliberate obfuscation of FEDERAL LAW.

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4chan are getting wrekt

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Would it kill you to spell Harvard correctly?

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I wouldn't go near the place, so allow me this oversight.

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Yale is number 1

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Wait is she saying that the tweets themselves are not protected? Or that the reposting for investigative purposes is not protected. Not sure if this is shenanigans so tell me if I need to grab my broom.

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As well as this, his tweets are posted publicly and unlike imagery which can contain a sensitive content warning, words do not. It's a deliberate act of obscenity without artistic merit thus falling under a violation of what I would imagine to be the obscenity act.

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He's a shock comic known for saying the most horrible things he can think of, so there's artistic merit.

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She's a Harvard Law Student, so even without previous litigious reference setting a precedent is most definitely an option here. As we have recently seen happening in another twitter case.

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Yes, she asked for analytical demographic data from his twitter which would make this enforceable as he has an audience of minors.