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Made the mistake of dipping my toe into social media the other day and caught a bunch of idiots laughing at this. Naturally all of them had tattoos and lacked their virginity. None of them had any idea how many people are actually still looking for this. It was actually kind of sad.

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A few years ago /pol/ pushed a meme on twitter with the hash tag, "no hymen, no diamond" meaning, "if you're not a virgin, I'm not going to marry you."

Hoe-Lee-Shit the thots were furious over it. What's particularly funny is that they were all shouting, "we don't want to marry you anyway" which is like, okay, then why does it make you mad?? I mean, do you think it makes me mad when fat ugly feminists say they aren't getting married? So if you think I'm similarly unattractive, then why do you give a fuck what arbitrary standard I invent?

It's like you said - deep down, they do know the truth. They do know that "virtue" is a real thing, and they don't have it.

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Also a possible explanation. wipes brow "hehe, guys, no one actually wants this... right? right guys?"

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nah, back when I still had friends they all wanted tattoo'd sluts. Think about it this way, a good portion of america is liberal, there are a bunch of hardline antifa and communists. There are people who will spit on you for voting Trump.

These people truly believe, just like we truly believe we're on the right side. It's just a difference of opinion based on personal experiences and desires.We have so many 'issues' people whine about, I'm pretty sure the only reason we're not in the middle of a civil war right now is because the 2 sides splinter along dozens of different lines in the sand.

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I bet all of their feeds were full of “why can’t I find a good man?” drama.

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I dared not look but I'm sure you're right. The few whose activity I am familiar with certainly fall into that category. Just keep beating that drum, I'm sure eventually a white knight will show up between bites of cake.

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Oh man, I met a gal some years back that bragged about having maxed out credit cards. She visited hotels as a hobby. Would randomly get a night at a hotel that wasn't even an hour away from her home. I noped the fuck out of there really fast.

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and her masterplan was to file for bankruptcy.

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People overcomplicate things. All guys want is to find a girl who will shit on his chest. It's tough finding those chicks nowadays.

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I just want to pee in someone's butt. Is that so much to ask?

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What's life with a morning steamer?

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Just go to your local synagogue, you'll find a match.

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I'd sell my last kidney for a debt free, virgin, clean skinned, normal sized, trad wife.

Fuck, id take debt slavery, so long as all the other qualifiers were met.

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the only chance for American men is to travel the world, poland, ireland, estonia. Go out and find your woman.

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I got lucky and found one here in the US, we were married within 4 months of meeting. Very happily married for 10 years and 3 beautiful white babies so far.

You can find them here but they are certainly becoming harder to find, I suggest the Christian community in general.

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A buddy of mine just whent to Croatia and told me how wonderful of a place it is. I have too much to take care of right now to be able to leave right now... But maybe next year, I'll take some months off and try and find my wife.

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If I had to start again, this is what I’m planning on doing. I was thinking Ukraine and crazy Russian women :)

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Debt free virgins without tattoos are easy to find, it becomes a little bit trickier if you want them to be older than twelve years old...

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If there's no hymen, there's no diamond.

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Why would you want an industrial gem stone anyway, got some sharpening to do?

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So much triggering because of that article.

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Women's liberation, except from debt and tattoos!

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Saw this on socialist media about a week ago, and I got a kick out of how upset some of the women commenting were over this. I guess they must have a lot of debt or tattoos...

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They have both.

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and they also have STDs

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I also like unicorns.

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I married one. They exist. Very religious and observant parents, go figure, right. What are the odds. If you eliminate all atheists from your dating pool, the quality spikes up dramatically. Thing is, you have to be virtuous, yourself, in order for them to accept you. So, self-improvement seems to be your answer.

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Depends why they're athiests.

If it's because someone fellow white people'd them then yeh maybe you're right. More fucking sheep for a different cause helps no one.

I worked out god made no sense around the age of 12 and haven't looked back but that never automatically made me a bad partner.

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I am working on it. Did you meet her at church? I'm not really an organized religion kind of guy. I'm pretty much just a deist, like the founding fathers. So I'd have to meet her in an adult club. One of the ones where we do outside activities together, not the poorly lit degenerate cesspools.

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I like turtles.

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I like potatoes

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How fucking true!

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Only chance of finding a virgin is pretty much if you start dating in high school and marry soon after. Or if she's highly religious. In other words, not very likely. Not being a slut is as good as most can hope for

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In some states you can still date high schoolers even if you're not in high school.

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Legally true; ethics wise? That's jew level shit

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