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I think we are going to see a turn around with heterosexual couples, family life, conservative life styles, and long lasting relationships. Now if you are talking about a white couple then yes, the struggle is real and I hope people wake up and realize that birds of a feather flock together.

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i dont think so honestly, im seeing more and more unhappy coal burners dating niggers spawning mongrel turds , society will only get uglier.

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I'm also seeing a lot of people still saying: "Let them do whatever they want" if the women slut around.

Which means the kids will be either non-existant or neglected.
I really wonder what our world will look like 50 years from now. I hope, I am wrong, but it's looking dark and ugly. And I don't just mean the increasing number of niggers and shitskins.

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My grandparents were both polish and married for 56 years. When grandma past of ALS my grandfather lost his life long companion. It was so hard to see. They did everything together, one could not live without the other. Within 2 months my grandfather also past. He was actually at the Dr office for a checkup and died while just sitting on the exam table.

The good that can come from two people committed to each other and sharing the same values can not be surpassed. They taught me this and I only needed to look at their life to see that it is true.

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VV brother

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Almost 17 years with my wife. Met when we were 16, the problem is people think marriage is not absolute anymore. Yes there are times when divorce has to happen but that should be very rare. The shit my wife and i have been through would have other couple divorce multiple times. When somethings broke you fix it, don't throw it away. Because of these things we've been through we've become a very strong couple and i see myself with her till one of use dies, she's my best friend and we understand each other on a level no one else every will, so many people will never find that kind of happiness with the hook up culture we have now.

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"Til death do us part" is probably the most misunderstood phrase in the world today.

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Its not meant to be a joining of man and woman. Its meant to be basically becoming one together, a joining of souls so to say. And people have destroyed that and basically see it as boyfriend and girlfriend sharing their assets till they get bored. Its sad.

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The problem is that many women cheat their husband and fuck another man.

At that point the cuck will "fix" things or dump her bitch ass.

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Like i said, sometimes divorce is unavoidable. But a couple has to work together constantly to keep things good, marriage isn't easy. Sometimes you just unfortunately end up with a shitty person, but if you find someone who shares your values and wasn't a whore before you met them you can make things work. I blame our total sexualization on society that was pushed by feminism and funded by (((them))) for these problems. That doesn't mean its hopeless though you just have to find a woman and show them how good life can be without that shit, you can't be a beta male, you gotta take charge.

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We don't fix our fridges we get another. Sometimes I feel people forget people are people too. Not inatimate objects

Edit- I am a failure at spelling. I will leave my error up for shame.

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I totally agree with your statement. It's a sad commentary on what the media and war culture have done to us.

Not inatimate objects



Not animated.

Without animation.

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Married 9 years this year and I feel the same way. We've been through so much already. I know there's more to come, but we got this!

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Oh and it will come, not meaning to scare you but it will. Job loss, illness, addiction, alcoholism, money, kids basically everything but infidelity. The alcoholism almost killed my wife and nearly led to a divorce (that was pushed by HER mother) with a lawyer involved. After coming through that and being able to mend it, we've come out stronger than ever, i don't see anything that can break it now. Had my vasectomy reversed and were working on another kid now too now.

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This is so awesome. I hope me and my fiancee get to be like that. That is what I am aiming for.

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Can I join yall

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Well no bahaha but you can join conservative coupling by finding a wife material woman and staying with her!

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And replaced by shitskins...

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Which they voted to have happen because they didn’t want to be called racist.

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the war on traditional borders, values, language and culture helped make them a dying breed

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Worked in big city USA. Most anniversaries for marriage were 5, 10, occasional 25. Moved to small country town USA. 10, 25, 45, and I met a couple married for 50 years.

For marriage to work get out of the city

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That is just so sweet, brought a tear to my eye as I thought of my parents being together for about the same amount of time, going on 64 years I think. The difference between then and now is that they were Depression babies, most grew up dirt poor and learned appreciation and gratitude, despite the not so great times/habits of the other.

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So they could be 82 or 83. Hypothetically.

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