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Alas, poor Yorik! I drew him, Horatio.

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I remember seeing the video a while back where this was made. So much dremel and hand sanding it's ridiculous.

Quite a bit of time went into that piece.

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...and money! Those don't look like cheapo map colors. If that's Prisma colors, it's probably $400 just in materials.

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Never seen before.. Nice piece of art.

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This makes me wish I had some artistic talent.

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Artistic talent is gained by doing art.

Find some fun art to do, then have fun!

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Looks like the artist might have used a projector from above and traced the light. At least that's what I'd have done.

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For what? I guarantee you that it's just a stack of colouring pencils, glued together with wood glue, and sanded down to resemble a skull. I would almost bet money, on it. Probably had a print out of the front/side/back profile of a skull next to him, while sanding. Spray/paint some enamel on it, when you're finished, to preserve it. Done.

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If he only had a brain....

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