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Is this picture altered? I didn't think Earth was so large as seen from the moon and in the pictures taken by Apollo 11 the Earth is considerably smaller.

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Wait you still think we went to the moon? That's cute.

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Look at the width of the horizon on your photo and OP. OP's pic looks to have a zoomed in view of the horizon.

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Because the earth is on the horizon here. Think of it like when the sun is setting and looks much larger than when at high noon.

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Hmm.. isn't that optical illusion a product of the Earth atmosphere?

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What a remarkable shot for a highly skilled photographer! So well lit, framed, and in perfect focus! Wow ole Dick Nixon prolly taught em personally.

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with a wide angle lens at a certain aperture with enough light....everything is in focus smart guy.

go fart on your flat earth.

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I'm not a flat Earth, I just find it the whole moon ordeal remarkable... Almost unbelievable.

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I'm not flat Earth, just a fan of amazing photographers.

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Dicky was a good boy, according to the big families. He served them well.

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Wait a sec....of course it a shop job. The earth is FLAT!!!

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I love how they were so stupid that they thought it was a good idea to pretend they had a car riding around on the moon. Have you seen the videos of it, it's so ridiculous. This is a fake btw. Shadows going off to the right on the moon but bottom of earth shaded out in original.





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Yes, I came to ask about the shadows on he moon, but the earth almost fully illuminated.

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Don't look at this, goy!

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hole in the north pole ... or clouds. What is odd is the earth is sideways in this pic....

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That, little Jimmy, is because it is a shitty shitty shop job.

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Shhh don't wake up the goyim.

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Where’s the turtle underneath the earth?

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he's underneath. that's why you can't see him.

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You should have posted this with a /s. Some people actually think you are serious.

But wow, that is the most fake picture ever.

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