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You just have to sign the blood contract with the Jew. Unfortunately you are then placed on my list of non-savable.

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This is one of the funniest ever

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Can’t we just take over Mexico and do what we’re supposed to? Leave them alone as long as they keep paying us taxes? Like the mob used to do. Extortion right? Then they can be apart of the United States down there. We’ll build a wall anyways cause seriously fuck those animals they have nothing no offer the world. Wel sit and wait for Canada to get their panties bunched up then welll peel out to the the great white north and rape them till it’s the great red north. Literally rape. I feel like most Canadians kinda want this. You know how lots of women secretly want it. Yea they say they don’t but they always cum when you rape them explain that one to me. What else what else? Liberate England...Europeans are so faggy since all us awesome Europeans left for greener pastures. We’re like cows.