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yea caves are gay

the story about the guy who died in Nutty Putty cave is always a scary read


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Literally "Crawl in a hole and die."

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Sorry, that is called Darwinism.

Play Russian roulette with Earth and nature, usually you will lose.

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Adventure thrill. Push hard enough and be the first to discover something. It can be addicting

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That's just a good time cheery story! I'll be staying out of those places, thank you very much.

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He's still there.

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yup :(

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let's go bust him out!

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Thin privilege.

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You got that right! Anything to get away from all these lardasses...

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Except when you realize that the entire cave is like a lardass's privates and you're a human-sized finger.

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I don't fear much. People have been calling me fearless my entire life.

Little do they know I am claustrophobic as fuck. A small room I can manage. But something like this? No way in hell.

I have immense respect for the Tunnel Rats of Vietnam. Shitty pointless war blablabla - Still, they really had balls of hardened steel.

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I remember seeing some story about a sick fuck who put a child in a box buried underground, with just an air way. This has stuck with me as one of the worst things I can imagine, being physically stuck somewhere for days and not being able to move my muscles around. I can't imagine how I'd stay calm.

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They idea of getting trapped like that gives me the chills!

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I know some creepy fucking nasty stories....yeah i don't really get it either as @BentAxel said. I had a friend into all the outdoor stuff, I get some of it, survival, hunting, whatever but some dude trapped on a rock in the middle of nowhere where he had to chop his own arm off with a tiny pen knife.... "real" cavers call it caving, and beginners and other such people call it spelunking you hear all kinds of horror shit. One of the top ones must be the Nutty Putty Story on caves https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nutty_Putty_Cave they NEVER got his body out. https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=WaIoXN-7FjM There was on in Norway a bunch of people trapped exploring an under water cave, while diving under waters, inside a cave and all this under a massive block of frozen ice back in 2014?...needless to say they all died horrible deaths and another European one, in Croatia police a body was founder in an under water scuba sub aqua cave you get to underwater, Cops investigated it as a murder. M.K. had gone cave diving with friends? and Cops thought a friend killed him but no...M.K. had gotten lost in the maze of the under water caves, you have to swim down under when trying to find a special cave with air inside it and his oxygen ran out. With no air left, he starts drowning. He swam up to explore a cave and escape inside an air bubble between two rocks and tried to breathe it in, but it wasn’t enough to save him. He would die here, he realized, and gasping for air or drowning he thought it would be a horrible and painful death. The pain of drowning was too much to bear. M.K. stabbed himself in the chest with his own knife ?? another was 17 students kids young adults exploring New Zealand, they cross some make shift bridge bolted across some rift mountain near the caves New Zealand’s Cave Creek in 1990s...the bridge snaps, collapses, the all go tumbling through this hole and down into a mountain... i think four of the 17 survived.

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Jesus H. Christ. That's sad. I guess we all die, we all die alone but damn.

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That diagram of how far he was stuck, fuuuuck.

Is this some kind of attempt to resolve birth issues?

Would people be less-apt to fuck around in caves if people would not come to their rescue, or if they had to buy expensive insurance if they wanted help?

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Yeah, one birth trauma experience is enough for me.

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These are not photos of the actual rescue operations from the Thai cave.

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No they are not, not sure why many people are assuming they are.

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Because muh narrative

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Fuck that shit I did enough of this in the coal mines

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Is that what you call your nigger ex-boyfriends?

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