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I doubt these guys and gals are fighting to get black eyes, they have guards. this is def a sinister club ritual.

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My guess would be "Skull & Bones" I have heard they do shit like that when they wrestle each other naked. But again this is just what I learned on the net and have no proof or even bothered to look in to it

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You've heard. Sounds convincing

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I think it's a public humiliation deal. We are your masters and we're going to show off that fact publicly. No idea who the masters might be. If Trump ever shows up with a black eye we are so fucked.

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If they are, I must be a member, too.

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Lol exactly, posts like this could be JIDF plant-posts, to undermine confidence in VOAT down the road, when it becomes a top-ten site.

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Like what? And old dude fight club?

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You are clueless

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There’s a girl there too weiner face

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Gaga has a penis.

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You don't know that's a girl!

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no just their masters teaching them their place

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If that is a symbol, its a little clever. Plebs wouldnt think twice about it because bruises seem like daily life to them, but most of these assholes have never worked or been in a fight their entire life, let alone after achieving power and fame.

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They all dated Chris Brown?

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It’s a reference to the Eye of Horus. One of their many rituals.

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well, maybe. We actually don't know for sure yet. But here is a little mythological tid-bit for you.

Horus is the son of Osiris the Egyptian Sun god and prototype for messianic death-resurrection figures such as Christ (not saying Christ isn't historically real). Osiris was murdered by his brother Set and dismembered after which he pursued Horus the child in order rape him. Luckily Horus was able to escape his clutches and went on to achieve victory over him.

In this lil snapshot we have some very interesting pizzagate themes don't we? It also dovetails back to Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set who himself was accused of pedophilia and keeping kids in cages.

These people are sick!

So from a mythological perspective the real villian here isn't Horus or Osiris but Set. The more you know...

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Set(or Seth) is actually the hero here. Osiris and Horus is another name for Nimrod who started the worship of the Sun, as well as many demonic practices such as sacrificing children to the sun god. Seth, who is a righteous man, became so angry with his decadency that he went to Nimrod and cut him to pieces and sent the pieces throughout the land as a warning to everyone not to commit such demonic activity. The people who followed Nimrod went underground since. That's why mythology painted Seth as a villian, cuz the people writing the mythology are the same people that went underground and continued their abominations. So I fully believe the accusations of paedophila and keeping kids in cages are not only false, but actually projecting their own characteristics onto Seth. (Like the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you kinda thing).

If you want to get the full story, you should check out "The Two Babylons" by Alexander Hislop. He goes into great detail on this subject.


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Is there anymore information about this? I know next nothing about Egyptian mythology but I once asked about the god Set on the pizzagate subverse and I didn't really get much of a response.

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I've been over this before. If there really was a secret society featuring a ritual that involved bodily harm, wouldn't it be more logical to have a toe cut off or something rather than creating readily visible evidence of membership in the society to those outside of it?

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What if it is supposed to be a visible sign. These people dont exist in the same place. However telegraphing the info through ritual disfigurement would get the word out.

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wouldn't it be more logical to have a toe cut off..

No? Part of the point would be to publicly display your allegiance to the group to those in the know. Everyone else would just pass it off as an accident, or whatever.

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They could still take off their shoes if need be.

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With enough money and power who cares what people think.

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Has to be hidden in plain view for the magic to work ?

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