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Deer are apparently retarded. Aside from leaping in front of vehicles, they seem to also go for long swims that end badly for them.

I've seen the stupid things floating dead in the lake I live near. Be zipping across the lake in a boat and see something floating, check it out and it's a drowned deer. WTF, there's nothing about deer that says 'this animal can swim good', yet they give it a go. Bloop! Bloop!

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They don't have a reason to be smart. All of their predators are gone and you have to get permits to hunt them. Basically there is more deer than know what to do.

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Sort of like democrats.

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I used to get fresh deer meat I Japan because the government had to cull herds. Owning a gun in Japan is really tough but they allow it because of deer and bears.

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Liberals would rather see them shot and left to rot by DNR, or slowly dying of CWD than see them be eaten

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well without predators and with stupid things killing them, they're gonna have to start growing brains real soon real fast.

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some horses are very good swimmers and horses are just large deer.

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Those are seahorses you fucking mong :)

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Aside from leaping in front of vehicles

This is partly due to instinct not being compatible with man's world. Many prey animal have the instinct to freeze when they feel a threat and then bolt away in a direction that's harder for the predator to get at(eg, by going in a direction that makes the predator turn sharply and allows them to gain distance). The trouble is, this particular instinct is entirely based upon how far away the danger is, not how long it'll take to reach the animal. This means that the deer, sensing a car is trouble, will wait until its within its flight distance(typically 100 ft or so) and then bolt; obviously, this doesn't work all that well when death is barreling towards you at miles per second.

EDIT: Thanks for pointing that goof out. I meant miles per minute, which works out to a mere 88 ft/s at 60 MPH(which means anything with a short flight distance is deader than Bambi's mother).

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Miles per second? 2 miles per second equals 7200 mph.

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If only you'd use metric, you wouldn't have to get as confused as a deer caught in the headlight when trying to calculate velocity :)

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Kangaroos do exactly the same.

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Deer wouldnt walk in front of a rampaging buffalo. My theory is it's the tires That their brains are wired to understand hoof beats not tires.

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Brain the size of a walnut

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Deer retreat to water to escape predators. They have hollow hair which gives them great floatation, and they are surpisingly fast swimmers. Outlying islands in Southeast Alaska stay restocked with deer that way. Probably every island of any size will have deer, but there are big ones that don't have wolves. Wolves are abundant in southern and mainland Southeast. They can swim too, but they don't appear to be able to catch a swimming deer. I have seen a wolf standing on the beach looking longingly after a deer that had escaped it by getting to the water and swimming away. On the other hand, a friend of mine witnessed a wolf catching and killing a deer at low tide on a mud flat near the water's edge. Once the deer got to the mud and started postholing through it on it's stick legs, it was all over. Even though deer will happily take to water, they seem to think the better of it when they are offered a ride while while swimming. I have heard many accounts of boaters picking up swimming deer. In every case, the deer were happy to come aboard, calm and tame, and seemed genuinely appreciative to have the assistance.

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"The wife told me to eat more seafood, so tonight I'm having venison."

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This is great.

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The last pic of him wheelbarrowing one away. Totally reminds me of cats.

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The ONLY immigrants I'd accept with open arms!

Someone should shop this with a bunch of Somali shitbags, or your illegal POS of choice. The wheelbarrow at the end was GOLD Jerry, Gold!

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There's always dead deer in the sludge ponds around coal mines. I've seen some huge bucks before

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if you reverse the images, it shows people loading deer on to a boat then dumping them into the lake and driving away.

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