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Jews know they can't win an intellectually honest argument, so their best strategy is to try to stop the argument from even occurring via censorship.

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You got that right and in all the arguments I been in with a Jew, No matter the exact topic they ALWAYS spin it and make themselves as the victim. EVERYTIME! And as far as I am concerned other Jews were behind the Holocaust. All lies

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No thanks, I'll just assume that suspicious looking link is malware or worse.

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I'm sure their useful idiot brainwashed slaves do a lot of the redacting as well.

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Tell those fuckers to stop tangling my headphone cords.

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One is openly racist, the other is even more racist but likes to pretend they aren't because it gives them the feels

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Open and honest discussion goes far beyond race, that's just one of the first places reddit shuts down free speech. Lets not even get into how heavily manipulated and censored r/politics is.

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I think of Eddit as an example of why the free market doesn't work. Eventually, the thing gets so big that the temptation to manipulate and rig it is too great, because the pay off for doing so we'll be huge. When Eddit was a site with a few thousand nerds, it wasn't really worth much to manipulate it.

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It's true, redditors are the real racists. The demon-rats, party of the KKK, wants to keep minorities on their plantation, but more and more are defecting to the party of Lincoln. I don't care if you're white or black or green or whatever, if you defend our constitution, you're ok with me.

lmao j/k, gas all shitskins and kikes

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The people who think blatantly discriminating against white people and spreading blatant, race-based, hate propaganda about them is how to not be racist.

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openly racist REALIST

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One is racist as a rhetorical device to lower the signal to noise ratio and be unpalatable to people with low barriers to taking offense. The other is a racist cesspit where suburbanite US nihilistic liberal kids with white savior complex affect purpose by championing the causes of imaginary people they think are inferior to themselves.

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Except instead of locking the thread they either delete the non-communist posts or just delete the whole thing outright.

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And ban the people who bring up the unpleasing discussion points! Even across subreddits.

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Once a website gets big, all the pea brains congregate to share their stupid wholesomemes and I'm soo progressive circlejerk, and the basement dwelling mods suck dicks to have power over someone for once in their life.

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rEdit. The front page of (((their))) Internet.

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The good stuff stopped appearing in /r/undelete. Now the threads are nuked and locked instead.

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Reddit can SUCK MY BALLS with all its CENSORSHIP! When one closes a discussion, this is an EXTREME censorship tool. Only cowards are for censorship of any kind.

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Yet you hang out on a site that uses voting as a form of censorship, allowing the majority to dictate what is most likely to be seen and what probably won't be. This site isn't even that popular, it's like ranked 9000th on the web, when sites like 4chan are ~200th and reddit is 6th. Go to 4chan if want to avoid censorship as this place is not much different than reddit, just the majority on this site are simply reddit refugees.

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I use the site as a reddit replacement. I also use 4chan and 8 chan.

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Such inclusion, all (((who comply))) are welcome!

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