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Voat: even our niggers will call you a nigger.

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If it was such a 'bad' word, why would they keep using with each other publicly, and often? It is because of this very reason I find it hard to take them seriously. They really believe that they have 'ownership' of the word; only they can use it. It is a power play and one that is very effective it seems.

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Yea, it's the hypocrisy that gets me. You can't say I'm the racist then turn around and say white people can't use words that black people can. Mainstream culture is anti white as fuck.

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While we're at it, can we bring back porch monkey?

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Yo shut yo cracka ass mouth, beeatch. Imma pop a cap in yo ass fo sayin' shit 'bout how I get down with my homies. Bix nood!

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Well perhaps we could go back to a place where society is decent and all the underground degenerate shit is underground and at disgusting 4chan like it belongs. Shock horror comedy about a misshapen foot in a pic....

Everything is political now since society got turned up on itself...is sucks. This Great Awakening is taking too. damn. long. We need some serious shots to the hive of stupid sheep. That Bart Simpson meme is a good one. Could put anything you are not supposed to know on that chalkboard. .....




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Why is there a nigger in our house?

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Burgling of course.

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Thanks, it's his first day.

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it's Morpheus you absolute retard and he is here to borrow the TV and will bring it right back.

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will bring it right back


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What if I told you...that if you gave me five dollars, I'll return in ten minutes with not one, but TWO bottles of malt liquor, for our enjoyment.

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Shouldn't the Voat house chimney be pouring out thick black smoke from all the jews we holocaust around here?

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Nah, the holocaust is a lie.

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Nah, the holocaust is a lie we can make real

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but it doesn't have to be!

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Industrial ovens are a Jewish canard intended to prevent onsite sanitation

The longest distance you have to transport a Jew is 500 meters away from any fresh water source and six feet down.

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I love how stupid and delusional libtards are, if they find out someone has ever said "nigger" in any context whatsoever they act like that person committed a rape/murder. Like seriously? You can't even take into account the context? Most of the time people are just circlejerking for fun, even the niggers care less about people saying the word nigger than libtards do.

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They tried to crucify pewdiepie for it. Meanwhile, niggers actually killed a record number of people in Chicago the other day and it was promptly swept under the rug.

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Yeah reddit is so fucking PC.

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Is it not SJW central? It is run by children incapable of reasoning spewing bullshit their libtard teachers programmed them with.

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After basically 2 years of never going there, I decided to go back under a different pseudonym in order to fuck with them.

Results: I am now getting brigaded, but I cannot tell from where - I've managed to piss someone or something off that is going around and I'm managing to get downvotes in the 20-40 range in threads where total votes never go past 10 or so.

They don't hit every post, but I've tried varying the degrees of "righty-ism" that I'm portraying. Even when I'm actually pretty fucking left (claiming I'm okay with gays, but I'm not okay with vulgar acts of sex in the middle of the streets during pride) they still make absolutely sure I'm in the negative...but it wanes a little.

On another account, which hasn't drawn ire, I can say the most fucked up things...so long as I haven't angered the blue-haired cult and so long as I say it in the correct places (/r/imgoingtohellforthis etc).

Essentially, they've got this whole lefty-gang-warfare thing going on -- and since votes aren't in any way public by default, there's no user-facing data which you can utilize to hunt these shitwagons down.

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Ron has been here for a long time,he wasn't being sarcastic.

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The discourse on their site scares me more.

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That's a hell of a meme.

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