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Hmmm, well that doesn't sound like the narrative the news outlets were running.

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Local talk radio is echoing the same thing as anon, with a little less detail.

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And just how? Basically trust nothing. Fucking joke. Yes you can trust shit voltonorick jew

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need some sauce on those claims.

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I searched and literally the only thing I can find is the decision where his defamation claim is dismissed, and the original piece the Gazette wrote on him. Here is a link to the decision, which contains the full article. I can't find anything else online verifying this chan screenshot. Nothing on a female reporter suing him, no articles other than the original, and no Gazette articles about the judge in the defamation case. Also nothing about Ramos losing his job. Adding this sentence so I'm not blocked from posting the same comment twice.

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Not sure if this will help, but search him here. http://casesearch.courts.state.md.us/casesearch/

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I used to listen to loveline nightly from about 99 to 203. they got lots of outlandish calls and ones that didn't make any sense, but the ones that were bogus 99% of the time were the ones where the story fit too well.

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Dont worry, there is no need for sources. OP is actually a stronk independent wymyn of color, and all wymyn deserve to be believed.

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OP: Listen and believe

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Source on stacked jury? I can't find anything.

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This is important. Information that would change the story needs sources. What we have right now is what some random guy wrote on a chan. It could be wrong.

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The "stuffs the jury with reporters and supporters" part really needs an explanation. Like Ramos would just ignore that and accept his defeat instead? I'm sensing chan-logic.

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I would love to run with this narrative, but I need sources for each part of this otherwise it will be picked apart. It's like programmers that don't document their code, I get that they know how the code works, but I don't.

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I know I don't have it but it would be par for course here. The courts in Maryland are insanely corrupt and broken and they always break to protect niggers and to persecute men on any claim from women.

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seems like it'd fall under conflict of interest

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Yes exactly.

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Since when the fuck has the ✡court system✡ ever cared about that? A citation is still needed.

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I'm beginning to believe that journalists are the most hideous cowards in America, ruthlessly passive-aggressive self-anointed bullies who abjectly fucking run from accountability before the first whiff of it gets to them.

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Journalist 101

I went into journalism because I want to write stories that will have an impact and change the world. I consider myself a progressive fighting for change!

And later after the shooting begins


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There is a reason why even the ancient Greeks warned their children against becoming too prideful with the stories of Narcissus and of King Midas.

There is also a very similar reason why we're seeing so many mental illnesses pop up in our modern culture.

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(((Journalism))), not journalism. Actual real journalism requires investigation, verification of sources & claims, research, the ability to form connections & network, a sense of tact, an ability to suppress personal bias and look at things objectively, and finally the ability to NOT be a lying sack of shit & an unhinged bully with an over-inflated ego and a chip on your shoulder.

(((Journalism))) is sitting on your fat ass all day in front of a computer, drinking soy lattes and being a snippy effeminate bitch who seeks to ruin the careers & lives of political opponents, critics and people you didn't like in high school all while exercising that streak of mean girl/bully vitriol like you're still a junior in high school - even thought you're fucking 35. In short, being a Jew.

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Thanks. Interesting event.

“We’ve run this content before,” Ms. Hasson said. “I supported it, and I supported the publishing of the info.”

“As journalists, we are prepared for criticism,” Ms. Hasson said, as she sat in her meticulously tended office and described the ways her 225 employees have been harassed since the article was published. “But in the U.S., journalists should not be threatened.”

Perfect example of self-entitled unaccountability right here.

In my opinion, if a journalist intimidates a private citizen by publicizing personal information, then journalistic ethics don't apply, and the fucking rules are off. Game on.

And these tools did this to gun owners. Brilliant.

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Hmm the youtube shooter was a disgruntled after being demonetized, Gazette shooter was a demonized critic that lost his job. Why do I feel like there might be a lot of these people that pop up soon? These situations seem rather common. Particularly after all this civil war talk, if that happens these people will be the first targets of a lot of rioters and militias.

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Oh no, that sucks

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That's the purpose of "deplatforming" and employment shunning people for being unashamedly white or failing to conform to a communist line: to disconnect people and destabilize them. If their goal is to destroy the West, it's working.

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All those downvotes are gonna come back to haunt you Goats, one day, ONE DAAAAAAY, MWWWwwww HA HA HA ha ha...

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Freedom of the press doesn't mean freedom from consequences. :^)

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Its almost as if you ruin someone's life they hold a grudge over that. Strange world we live in.

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Sounds like leftists mindset, use government to suppress dissent, then claim victim when people retaliate.

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