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The weird part is I still remember their names.

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I hope there's more to their tank than just that.

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he's a rich guy, probably pays someone to take care of the turtles.

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They arent the same turtles, its just fake publicity like fallon responding to his tweets

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Man I want that gig. What could be easier than caring for turtles.

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Obviously. They would have drowned by now otherwise.

[–] beece 2 points 8 points (+10|-2) ago 

FUCK STALLONE. He's an anti-gun asshole who made his money off being a warrior. He hid in a girls convent to avoid going to nam. Fuck that asshole.

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You know Gulf of Tonkin was by the deep state. You would not be on this site otherwise.

So, you are faulting him for being intelligent enough (maybe) to not mindless obey the deep state?

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44 years in that tiny aquarium. You think Rocky could afford something a little nicer for them.

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They're like women, treat them good once and they expect it all the time.

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Great point. And weirdly true

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Stallone was offered 300,000 for the Rocky script but he turned it down because he knew it was great. He didn't have a pot to piss in and he had a wife and a newborn kid. He held out to star in the movie that he wrote even though he sure could have used the money. Dude has balls and conviction. Rest is history. Great movie, great music. Great lines and great scenes.

Mickey: yeah they make good soup.

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Assuming that is correct, cheers. What an awesome guy.

This site just loves to shit on everything they come by. Not much better than libfags.

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user for 13 hours^^

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he probably saved those Turtles this way, tones of respect for the guy

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You know he molested Terry Crews little black turtle right?

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Um link? Cause I wanna read this

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No no no. How old are you? Do you have absolutely zero capability of understanding sarcasm?

Ah fuck it, I give up. Continue. Blakajlfijoisjdfoisjdflsidjflskjfsl;kdfj;lsdkfs;lkdfsd;lf

I officially resign this account as well. I thought I quit Voat. I was sure. I came back. And this is what I see. Later mates!

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I recall the story but was that stallone?

Bet the Turtles outlasted the arm wrestler that drank motor oil.

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What does 45 year old turtle soup taste like?

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