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This woman is beautiful

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No weird instantly apparent disproportion -check

Not fat - check

This woman is beautiful


woman have no excuse

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This is the reason that dudes are high fived for sleeping with a lot of women but women aren't high fived for sleeping with a lot of men. Unless you're fat or really ugly, going out and finding sex is significantly easier.

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No visible tattoos.

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The world has gotten a whole lot uglier in the last 60 years. it's actually pretty sad.

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Don’t forget that she also doesn’t have tranny thot makeup on! Men don’t even find that shit attractive. Natural girl is best girl.

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So did I, the first 3 times I looked at it. I totally did not get the girl in front of a parody of "The Last Supper" with the title.

Now I see she's the artist in front of her painting.

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It's weird seeing an artist, especially a woman, who hasn't gone off the leftist deep end.

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and t h i c c