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This man did the right thing for all the wrong reasons. And if he was still alive he'd probably hate all of us for our views. But regardless, we appreciate what he did, and we'll never forget it.

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I'm not sure he did it for the wrong reasons.

He did it to fight a rigged system. Doesn't matter if he's a Bernie bro or not, he wanted fair representation.

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I highly doubt he would still be a democrat at this point, especially if he survived the assassination.

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In my opinion Trump chose his party based on whether or not he could win the nomination solely by getting the public to vote for him. He knew the establishment would fight him, and if both parties were rigged like the Democrats, we couldn't elect Trump. Seth Rich was fighting an issue that matters to all of us. Outsiders have to have a path to victory or voting is meaningless. Seth died a patriot.

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Yep that's right enough for me.

I think most so called hard-right, "alt righters" are just people who believe in procedural justice.

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Needs to be on billboards and advert signs all across your great land. Every day a new sign, poster, or billboard.

Do. Not. Forget. Him.

And do not forget all the other heroes who have either died or been destroyed by the (((elites)))

PS, don't forget to name the Jew

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Seth Rich IS the Jew you sanctimonious twat. A socialist kike merely trying to elect another socialist kike PRESIDENT.

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Why is this downvoted? It’s 100% the truth

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His name was Seth Rich,

His name was Seth Rich.

His murderer was John Pedoesta. (who didnt have the balls to do it himself)

His killer was MS13

His name was Seth Rich.

Seth Rich paid the highest price possible for his patriotism, but in return he became a martyr, a shining example of what an america patriot is capable of doing- One man against a corrupt system, who lost his life, but gained immortality as a martyr. I hope one day there will be a statue of him where kids will ask "Who is that man?" and everyone will chant "His name IS Seth Rich".

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I’d crowdfund this.

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Don't forget Judge Scalia or the dude that "dropped the fucking dumbbell" on his fucking neck while he was working out either. (John Ashe)

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When/if the truth about his death cones out; let's not forget all the reporters and news people who lied and pushed propaganda.

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Patriot. - Q

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requires javascript? go fuck yourself.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=5hXJhnNRu1E Swear to god i saw muzzle flash in the cab drivers driver side rear view mirror. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3gNIlNva6M I was asked for this earlier. I found it. Full length. Two of them two of the same video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VecgM2RqcHY

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Las Vegas shooting and a lot of the other mass shootings are more important. Here. First video Look at this. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=jCt5mxaHT20HookTube First video 2 minute mark. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=jh1vHGa1QfcHookTube https://hooktube.com/watch?v=sFmXx1kWxSAHookTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCt5mxaHT20YouTube George Robartes wrote this comment. George Robartes 8 months ago The earliest gunfire in the original unedited footage was single shots of red tracer in 7.62 NATO fired from the left tower from the position the stage is being filmed . You then hear the muzzle reports just after .The tracer is aimed to the left and downwards toward what appears to be storage tanks . The guy filming actually pans left behind the bleacher where he is standing because he heard the bullet strikes on the tanks . The gun man at low level to the rear of the building site begins to shoot at the people in the right bleacher and stage with another heavy calibre rifle. It seems like the performer is unaware because of the sound from the monitors and kids are picking up the gunfire , but he can see people leaving cuts the whiny number short and dowses the lights and reopens with a pacier number ,while gunfire continues from behind the stage . This is when the gunmen in the the DeLano behind the Mandalay begin laying down fire , which is heard by the cabbie directly in front of that position . She hears 2 bursts of 5.56 which she says are further away . Then you hear a burst from an AK-47 which is much closer which opens up on the crowd ,actually being fired through the curtains on the fourth floor of the Mandalay , but the blasts have been recorded by her cam and another on the other side of the arena . The shots continue from behind the stage into the arena but no more tracer has been fired from the tower ,this gunmen is on his way down to ground level . Toward the end in the last minute of the shooting a girl states she had just heard glass breaking and falling to the ground from the bus shelter , directly in front of the so called lone shooter's position , they had been sheltering there throughout the gunfire . From the position above on the 32 floor you then hear a couple of bursts of gunfire which finishes maybe 120 rounds or so , then 2 more low level bullets fizzing past from the right . These bullets are picked up by another cam in a slightly more elevated position up the road outside the Luxor over looking a practically empty arena . This makes 7 gunmen . No 1 using tracer on the tanks from the tower ( obviously a dumb idiots because if these tanks were fuel of petrol they would no explode as only petroleum vapour ignites ! Only in Hollywood do petrol tanks explode !) . When this fails No 2 opens fire from the buildings south of the building site called Psychic Senses on Google maps and aims at stage and stage left bleacher and continues sporadic fire and single aimed shots until the last 2 shots heard before the shooting finishes. Shooters 3&4 open up from the top floor and 3 rd floor down of the De Lano with AR15s ,which is clearly seen heard and matched by the cabbies recording and 2 others including this one but this doesn't run long enough to pick this up and the AK-47 which joins the De Lano gunmen 2 minutes later from the fourth floor picked up on this recording and the cabbies recording being fired through the curtains . Then we hear the shooter(s) 6&7 breaking glass and firing bursts of 5.56 immediately above the bus stop recorded by the people sheltered there followed by the last 2 shots that fizzed up the boulevard . Shooting then ends . In amongst the earlier shooting filmed near the stage left bleacher you can hear what appears to be 9mm from a roller lock machine pistol like an H&K MP5 N retractable buttstock . You have shown the police officer footage where , if you stop the original releases video ,you can see him shouldering a weapon and the but stock between his right arm and body followed by circular flashes . The MP5N doesn't have a muzzle flash hider and the blast pattern is circular with spokes made by gas escaping from the barrel grooves before the bullet leaves completely . If this video is run full length you can see where he is aiming , he pans right and the person holding the camera feins injury as it's all jumbled . In this jumbled section you can see 2 individuals dressed as cops walking towards him . The cameraman recovers composure and films one Paddington his right holding a firearm walking away from distressed and injured people and looks back on the scene . The other 'officer' must have passed to the left . The cameraman pans back and those that were being death get up and start running but after a while what is left is a pile of bodies that don't move at all just where he had been aiming , where all had been standing just before . Obviously these people that don't move have been killed by affordable beam . I have watched the original over and over again and come to the same conclusion . Afterwards the cabbie picks up people who had run from this area through the East side exit that are screaming hysterically saying that someone is shooting people in the crowd and to get out of here ,go go go ! Backing Australia a group of people interviewed there haveThe shooter's in the crowd . There is also a report of police chasing down a security guard . After years of shooting these weapons in the UK you can calculate mentally where the shots are coming from , what type of round is being fired from what type of gun and the distance as you are actually being shot at in the butts operating the target hoists and traversing silhouettes and indicating hits . We use military ranges here where all of these are equipped with pretty much the same equipment . The shots head on are fairly easy to work out . You know an ARs signature sound from an AKs or 7.62 roller lock PSG1 etc but the shots at an angle like the tracer from the tower at angle are much more difficult and have to take an educated guess by the amount not tracer you see . Bullets fizzing right to left are easy to guess as that sound is calibre / speed dependant . A 7.62 NATO fizzes louder but travels slower than a 5.56 NATO but faster than 7.62x 39 Russian . 9mm has a distinct crack particularly from a roller locked action like an MP 5 in comparison to make shorter barrelled pistol and normally loaded +P+ for higher velocity . The 7.62 NATO has the best range of all the calibres used good to mile plus , plus tracer is plentiful . The guy arrested in Tennessee the following evening looked like he had a cardboard box of 7.62 military tracer in his vehicle with mags for an AR10 . AR15s are good to about 600 yards , those on the De Lano were probably 450 yards away from the recorder . The AK-47 is much less around 350 yards hence the placement on the fourth floor of the Mandalay . The 32 floor roommates clearly the arsenal for all the weapons plus plenty of back up and the number indicates a weapons deal sting that went badly wrong as whoever planned this operation were substantially more intelligent than those trying to capture them . Chief suspects in the Mandalay are Campos and the " maintenance man" found on the 32 floor . Campos being supposedly shot through the door by automatic gunfire and sustaining one minor wound in the leg and testing positive for substantial amounts of double base nitro glycerine powder used in rifles . The maintenance man has the access and equipment to remove and replace glass , obtain blue HDPE water pipe ( make a great skull cracker) and can drill holes and set up a building without suspicion and move around the hotel using service lifts with Campos to place and move firearms from the service lift to the various shooting platforms . A job of this scale requires insiders . The dead guy in the room if Paddock was a patsy to give the police an excuse to allow 7 gunmen get away after the worst police/ FBI bungle in history . Except for the possibility not the guy caught in Tennessee with shoot full of illegal weapons like those used around a day earlier , I believe all the operators and there directors are still in Las Vegas . The US police are not exactly the sharpest knives in the draw , which is why the UK runs the European Anti Terrorist agency , simply because we have a longer history and greater experience than any anti terrorist organisation in the world . If you want to know my profession , I am a retired Surveyor and Engineer that now provides Sound Engineering , equipment and PA systems for live concerts here . On my certificate and in my club were held both S1 (semi autos) and S5 (full auto) firearms , shotguns and pistols and completed against police in PP disciplines and Practical pistol and rifle clubs before the changes in legislation here . I still check and repair deactivated firearms and blank firers etc to ensure they are legal ,compliant and not a danger to the user or members of the public

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