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Have you ever been so racist that Dennis Rodman and Kanye West called you a Friend !

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This should be a message to both the cucked Left and the white power cucks on here. Kanye and Rodman are an example of culture trumping race.

Race has never been the problem. Culture has always been the real culprit all along.

Change the culture, change the nigger. Simple solution.

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I agree with you that culture is the driving issue, but surely you must realize that culture and behavior is downstream from genetics. There are other influences to be sure, and, at least for those on the tail end of the bell curve, good upbringing can make them into good citizens. But that's far from a universal truth, and it's clear that West and Rodman aren't the rule but the exception.

To put it in another, less eloquent but equally true way: Not all black people are niggers, but never forget that a lot of them are.

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Trump likes Dennis because he is a cross-dressing criminal.

Dennis likes Trump because he needs a pardon.

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Is CNN trying to still deflect the news cycle to stormy Daniels still?

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Just turned channel to see what they were talking about: "Will Trump Invite Kim to White House".

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Omfg this is going to be the best leftie meltdown ever. I love this. I love this shit so fucking much. I loved spending November 8th 2016 with you guys and /pol/ Goddammit my eyes are welling up.

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Trump isn't a Republican, he could have run for either party. MAGA is not Republican party line, MAGA is a commitment every American should make regardless of affiliation. Dennis Rodman has realized that over the past few months, as have many others. More people will get on board leading into the primaries and the 2020 landslide election.

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the maga party

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2020 is going to be motherfucking ruthless. can't wait!

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Sex scandal claims in 3...

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Kim Jong Un was a hostage of the CIA and NSA. With Trump in power, he can make the moves he wanted. It's pretty obvious. No one goes from "ebiillll dictator that wants to destroy the world" to "guy who wants to unite Korea" in a couple months time.

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Unless he was never "ebiillll dictator that wants to destroy the world" at all and it was just a combination of posturing combined with the MSM doing whatever it can to create more wars.

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Who would have thought halting generational gibs would stop little bitches from acting out when they decide they need more?
A similar thing would occur if it happened in the US. Along with a serious lock-down on and penalties for miscreant behavior.
Whole demographics would be begging for a deal within a similar time-frame, if not sooner.

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I really hope someone goes around collecting all the shit people threw Rodman's way when he was regularly going to North Korea as a goodwill ambassador and setting the groundwork for this. Years of mockery in the media and now here he is, man deserves the Nobel Peace Prize that Obama was awarded.

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he looks to be channeling Pepe right here. It's quite uncanny.

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Now that you mention it, I think Rodman has been Pepe all along

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Makes perfect sense honestly

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You know the man memes.

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Anyone got video yet?

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We all have video it’s 2018 faggot we don’t have flying cars we have a surveillance state. God you’re annoying.

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Damn bro who hurt you? Today is a great day, our president is making history and greater steps in improving NK/USA relations than any other sitting president. And then you have to bring up the fact we don’t have flying cars yet and fuck up the vibe. Thanks asshole.

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How bout I come down there and show ya my grip?

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God damn

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Tesla is working on it, we have cars in space now.

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Ya the whole arrival and everything was live streamed. I’m sure there’s vid somewhere.

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