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I know of a local millionaire who was served notice his land wpuld be taken, and he replied "Like hell!" and started fighting it in court. The government probably would have won in the end, but they didn't want to wait 10 years for all the appeals this guy could afford. There's a kink in the road now as it goes around his land.

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Another case of justice is only available to the rich. Fucking tyrannical faggot government only gave up because they guy could pay jews forever to fight for him against other jews.

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Even if the road is crooked, it’s worth fighting. That way the government will only pursue the issue if it is truly worth it and worth all the publicity in local media. They should be prepared to pay dearly if they want to use eminent domain laws. Private property is sacred.

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Even if they're prepared to pay monetarily, they should also be prepared to pay the ultimate price. If at all possible, defend what you own with firepower.

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Money is the only thing that matters

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I know of a local tires shop owner who lost all access to his shop through imminent domain so he welded armor to his bulldozer and detroyed his town.

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Government can seize private land, but it is supposed to be at the benefit of the nation, and minimal detriment to the private citizen. Case in point is northern Florida, where they're trying to rebuild the Kissimmee River. The river used to be winding & slow-moving with a huge water shed and flood basin that fed Lake Okeechobee which in turn feeds the Everglades. Ranchers lobbied the government back in the 1920's to fill in the river and replace it with a canal so the ranchers could purchase and use the now dry land. This of course fucked up the ecosystem in a multitude of ways, so now they're trying to rebuild the river using old maps. Ranchers protested and refused to sell their land. Government told them tough shit, the health of the environment is more important than the profit of a few dozen ranchers, and seized the land from them. They hadn't built anything on the land anyways cause the soil was too soft, they just used it as pasture, so the only thing harmed was their profit margins as they had to reduce their cattle herds.

While that stands as a good example of eminent domain, there are probably a dozen examples of it being abused.

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You still haven't made the case for a single profit from rebuilding it

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Fuck off, kike. Profit for profit's sake is Jewry in it's highest form.

Daily reminder that national socialists were the forerunners of the environmentalist movement.

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He doesn’t need to make a case for why the river needs to be there. He needs to make a case why anyone should be forced to give up THEIR land under any circumstance . Answer: they shouldn’t

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Fucking communists.

Emminent Domain is some fuedal level bullshit. The first time this was used, every government official involved should have been hanged.

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There is at least a thousand reasons every government official should have been hanged, yet they still laugh in our face. Oh well, we just move on.

I recall seeing earlier you home school your kids. Cheers!

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Here, look at the difference between the definition of eminent domain by Cornell Law and some random no name podunk law site

"The power of the government to take private property and convert it into public use."- Cornell Law

The entire thing is about how the government should TAKE private property. It does not mention once the limitations put upon the government. It's entire page reads like the government can and will and when they do.......you'll be compensated.

Now here is that podunk law site-

"This meant that the property to be taken must confer some benefit or advantage to the public. Some examples of......."

If you are facing an eminent domain case or the government is considering acquiring your property, you may have the right to challenge the taking.

Kids, parents, don't send or pay for your children to go to Cornell. People, don't use a lawyer who went to Cornell. Or do, I don't give a fuck but the rest of us will know you're stupid.

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Of course you can challenge it, but being successful at preventing the installation of a public road is highly unlikely. That literally the kind of thing eminent domain is for.

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Why bother posting that? You didn't even read the two excerpts I linked to. Do you know how I know? You're oblivious to what I'm referring to.

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Found via imgur https://imgur.com/vFE19aC which says source to be some redditor. Didn't bother checking out the story behind it as it would have meant visiting reddit.

Eminent domain might mean that the road will indeed go on in the future.

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The simple trick around this is burying Indian corpses in the lawn.

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Great way to prevent yourself from building anything there then either.

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Or some old airforce bombs.

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I applaud you for your transparency and reuploading the image. Upvoat.

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So make sure you hit 88mph before you hit the wall.

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Road going to continue in the future because it leads to a daycare center. You can't stop the gobernment from ass rape and pedophilia, it the only thing it knows how to do. Source: Clintons/Biden