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She pretends not to be happy, but women tend to fall for bad boys. And Trump is a bad boy.

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this is all sorts of confusion.

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Then, YOU'VE BEEN GRABBED!! (ya pussy)

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Women are stupid and will destroy subconsciously if allowed free reign

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lol drumpf has small hands so probably small dick I think she's looking at him like he's a child

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She's just angry she's out of cake.

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Fat middle aged women are never happy. she could have everything she wanted and she would still complain all the time

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Fat, middle aged, liberal, women are never happy.

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Fat middle aged woman are often happy when they have a loving family.

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Kick her ass.

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Of course she is not happy, Just look at her life,chubby old childless woman, that thinks pant suits are cool. Hell the most exciting possibility in her life is maybe habitual Soy Boy Macron might invite her back to have sex with him and the other old woman in his life, the Mommie wife. She has been feckless her entire life, watch the video clip https://hooktube.com/watch?v=JVFW0Qqc-5I

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They all have such terrible posture.

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Feckless cunt.

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Well trump does have jew cock down his throat, so we all have a reason to not be happy

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