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That’s pretty. White people have no culture. Probably stole it from niggers.

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That "white people have no culture" was somehow able to become a meme is mind boggling to me. Even the notion of appreciating a culture is an aspect of white culture.

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Yeah, but you're thinking like a white man. Niggers equate culture with ooga-boogaing around a chicken corpse. Whites created culture.

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White people have no culture? That's where you're wrong kiddo.

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I even called them niggers. I’m not putting /s at the end. I refuse

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You retards don’t understand sarcasm at all

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Think of the food you eat that isn't Mexican or Chinese.

Pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. All white culture.

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they know whites have culture. they speak a white language and usually only a white language. who they are talking about is those who dont visit cathedrals or the ballet, symphony, library, monuments, etc. the "uncultured". but being uncultured is a culture of itself. and there are many different versions of white unculture. some better than others

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"Everyone! I have returned!"

"Perseus has returned,lets go see what he has done!"


And thats how Perseus got a statue garden.

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He had the Midas touch

...oh sorry, the *Medusa touch

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Work of art, but if you replaced him not holding a head, but two, one muslim and one jew...

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Absolutely beautiful. Words cannot describe. Imagine all of the hard work that must have gone into that. All of the seconds, eating away, while you shave off just the right amount, in order to make the perfect shape. It seems incredible, relative to the kind of art that we have today. It's so remarkably lifelike, and yet: almost too perfect. In a way that stands out.

This is art. Picasso was a fucking faggot.

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The Italians produced art which is unsurpassed to this day. IMO, the French come in a close second, but the Italians had so many masters. Also, their cuisine is perfecto.

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The level of detail in these pieces always amazes me

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Read Cellini's autobiography.

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Relevant and interesting painting depicting The Death Of Medusa by Edward Burne-Jones showing how Pegasus emerges from her body and ends up assisting Perseus in his future adventures. Interesting twist in the tale..

EDIT: Tail, tale, FAIL, silly homophone conundrum... egh...

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You... You used the correct word. Th— thank you. I thought I was the only one. https://kek.gg/i/Z2H8z.jpeg

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tear it down it represents whiteness ! /s

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I'm just waiting for them to dye marble statues brown or black because they're white.

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ssssshhhhh!!! don't give them ideas!

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it must be devastating to be a nigger knowing you could never create such things..over thousands of years..no castles, no ships, no weapons of note...nothing....you have no history of anything other than American music, and within less than 50 years niggers ruined that too.

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precisely right. But also the muzzies. No industry, no inventions, no patents, no medicine ever developed, absolutely NOTHING for humanity. Pisslam has exactly ZERO redeeming virtues, which is why I don't even consider it a religion. It's rogueness cult.

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Hmmm.. perhaps I need to re-examine. I always thought the Egyptian people made an isnt algebra, a number system,medicine and astronomy.

We’re they not muzzy?

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