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Remember when Reddit didn't hide or manipulate post scores? I member. (((Score hidden)))

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Reddit has been manipulating from day one. They even talked about it at some point when rehashing the history of the site.

You'll never get the truth when money is on the line.

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Let's be fair Aaron did much good and kept that site within the overall Noble scope of freedom he was a believer in. And while I'm sure you'll be quick to point out his Jewish heritage. I would take that as an opportunity to illustrate my point in that ALL jews just like ALL Muslims are not the problem.

To be on the moral high ground is to understand that difference. And that doesn't mean giving a blind pass either.

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IIRC the original manipulation was that they were using fake accounts to post stories and make it appear that people were actually there. I could be wrong, but I don't think they originally manipulated the score ( no need to because there were hardly any users).

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Money's always on the line nowadays... What's that mean for us? The average person?

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jews want to bash the white male, living and dead

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Reddit is globalist jew saudi street shitting communist cancer....I do not really know this dead solider only a few passing headlines for some political election stuff, some guy maybe from Texas or Virginia an American who had fallen on the battlefield...but I do know these islamo or moslim or islamic families can be a mess, I remember hearing the soliders name some Virginia soldier, he had a mixed background Emirates, Dubai, UAE Pakistani or something but that don't matter, he was a US Soldier, he taught swimming to kids which btw seems mordern and American, teaching swimming does not sound 'islamic' . If he was a moslem I would dare say he was at least modern or perhaps reformist in his ideas and not orthodox or fundamentalist and at least an American patriot. Anyways young man not a kid goes to Iraq and dies...becomes a number in the many, many, many wounded and killed, thousands in a war by Bush and later overseen by Obama...many parents lose their shit when a deep tragedy strikes. This guy and woman? seems like islamo mommy and his father a Paki islamic unknowingly or intentionally who knows might have pissed all over his memory I remember the parents on tv Khizr Muazzam Khan and Ghazala Khan part of the whole Pro Hillary RRREEEeee screaming match on tv.... and also there was Jewish War Veterans of the United States said that Trump was worthy of "contempt" and said that his remarks on Mrs Khan were "vile beyond words."... yet plenty of people from both left and right supported Trumps islamist illegal invasion ban, for example Jimmy Carter once banned terrorist immigration from Iran https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=Fw1FiWnnzdY ISIS or Daesh the so called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant have since used the parents as propaganda, why did these people never criticize Jimmy Carter or did they become pawns and tools of the globalist media in the end? Truth comes out in the end, it may take years...pawns everywhere getting manipulated while the Wars, War on Crime, War on Drugs, War on Terror...all lies, people from all sides get played by the big machine.

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OP spent years of his life serving the jews

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All one big show. Mr. Khan's grave was manipulated to the front page because it supported a narrative. No other memorial day posts allowed because it conflicted with the Mr. Khan's Grave post. The problem isn't the readers of reddit, but the owners.

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I remember the days when Reddit was free and you could post almost anything. What's the point of having boards for discussion when you can't discuss anything PC. I miss coontown.

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I wish there were places on the internet exclusively for people over 30, that would really cut out a lot of the retarded bullshit.

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Are you too young to remember them stealing everything from other websites?

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At least they posted something for Memorial Day. Google doesn't even have a doodle!

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Holy fuck, you're right! They have their doodle for any number of weird obscure tings... but Memorial Day? NOTHING! What the fuck, Goolag?!

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It's a similar situation to when Total Biscuit died. They all wished death upon him for years. Then he dies and suddenly he is a saint. Fuck those people.

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when Total Biscuit died. They all wished death upon him for years.

Karma is a bitch

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You're forgetting the best reply to that: http://imgoat.com/uploads/b44928ae11/114305.jpg

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From what I have seen relating to him there have been a mix of responses from nearly every category, so I would not go so far as to say "everyone," you have those that did not know him and comment, you have those that did and liked him and those that did know him and hated him.

His cancer issue was not uncommon when you consider 1 in 2 men are likely to catch cancer at one point in their lives and his type was related to dietary habits. Considering his size beforehand, it is hard to be shocked when irresponsible behaviors finally catch up to you.

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That is the most illogical comparison I have ever seen. Well done!

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Anti-American identity politics is all the dnc is about these days.

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