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I miss the days when local cops would arrest the perverts and smear their names in the local papers. Before the News became "centralized" and a weapon of mass destruction.

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The news was always centralized dude, thinking of it as anything other is just delusion.

[–] NoBS 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Yet short attention span is why it MUST be repeated. And often!

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That's Gary Busey's nephew, he's a fucking rabbit hole you can go down with some googling.

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Are you talking about bestiality?

....you know that's still a thing, right? That bestiality is still illegal? And that people are still publicly shamed for it?

Please tell me you know this...

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It is legal in parts of Europe. It is also a money maker for underground data exchanges.

Denial is why it's as lucrative as Pedophile clubs.

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i wish i could have seen those days

[–] Marijuana_Merlin 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

they never existed.

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They died they day JFK was assassinated. Pappy Bush got away with murder.

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lol the goats sly smile

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Gonna butt that butt.

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It's a moral imperative.

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Lol. Had a goat as a pet- they are not stupid and will return the favor when you aren't looking. They have good memories, as well.

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This is the perfect analogy for conservatives living in liberal areas.

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I always knew something was off about Guy Fieri

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Looks like she's trying to get her vag kicked for the pleasure.

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