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Sad but true. Israel needs to weaned from America's tit. Good start would be cutting all the dual citizenship politicos in Congress loose.

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cutting all the dual citizenship will accomplish nothing as long as Israel have 'right of return' for all Jews

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Nah, I'm sure he's just playing 83D6 chess.

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I agree, JFK and Patton died because they wouldn't play (((their))) game.

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Jews own the media. The media hates Trump. Jews own Israel. Israel loves Trump. How does this reconcile?

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USA occupied by Jews, USSR occupied by Jews, almost destroyed each other. How does this reconcile?

There are global power struggle between west and east Jews

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Is there a rift between groups of American Jews on this as well? Is Trump turning Soros' divide and conquer tactics against them?

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a lot of that conflict was fake and amped up for the sake of the military industrial complex.

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Obama was the biggest israel slut and they called him a monkey. Jews will try and make you feel at ease to better fuck you up the ass.

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If you want to destroy an enemy by a thousand papercuts all you have to do these days is to get a bunch of useful idiots belonging to some (justifiably) hated or disgusting group, and then get them to publicly express their love for an enemy.

Jews own the media. Jews hate trump. Trump plays the reconciliation card and tries to purchase some neutral ground with the media by moving Jerusalem (or alternatively, is trying to force the two state solution, but I digress), and what does the (((media))) do? They use it as evidence that Trump is (((their man))) in order to severe him from his pro-white base.

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There is definitely a shill campaign to get the radical right to dump Trump. The current tactic is to use "antisemitism" to drive a wedge between Trump and the stormers. They're doing the same to Jordan Peterson.

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Jews in the US are ideologically very different than Jews in Jewland.

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Jews are jews are jews.

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Reddit Magapeeds on suicide watch.

Oh wait....they aren't, they like "based jews". Praise jesus.

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I always wondered what made men lead some old Jewish man to a ditch and shoot him behind the ear. I assumed TPTB just found the few sadists.

It saddened me to learn I'd already became one of those men. No need to be a monster; they were simply using the only solution that gave chance to their culture surviving.

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So this is what America First looks like? https://imgoat.com/uploads/3278a4a869/112200.jpg

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Not to mention Trump removed the ban on Chinese smartphones because poor China was losing jobs. God damnit, I fucking knew Trump was a filthy NWO kike this whole time. It's always too good to be true, cause if it weren't, Trump would be dead by now.

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The American gov is under a foreign occupation. The forefathers left instructions if this ever happened. It will take each state forming a people's militia and issuing arrest warrants for the traitors.

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They are well on their way to occupy the states as well.

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How is this vile piece of human garbage still in a position of power?

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